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The Best Businesses That Anyone Can Start

In this video, I’m going to show you the best businesses that anyone can start. These businesses are simple and easy to start, and you can make a lot of money from them!
If you’re thinking of starting a business, then this video is for you! I’ll show you some of the simplest businesses that you can start, and how to make them work for you. From online courses to freelance work, these businesses are perfect for anyone looking to make a little money on the side!The Best Businesses That Anyone Can Start
if you want to make serious money online building an online business is the best way to do that and I’m about to share with you three extremely low-cost business models in fact in most cases you can do them with no cost initially that are very simple yet massively effective and I know that because I’ve used them all myself we’re about to dive in but if you’re new here and you’re a tool entrepreneurial feel free to subscribe and hit the Bell icon for more business videos that can make you money but our first online business we’re talking about today that you can start very very cheaply or with no cost at all is a YouTube business with a YouTube business even with a relatively small audience you can make a lot of money with very low costs that’s what I’ve done myself and here’s the very basic blueprints firstly figure out what you’re most skilled at that you’re also actually interested in what’s something you’re better at than the vast majority of people make a short list of different ideas and ask some close friends and family if you’re not fully sure and then from that list one of those ideas is going to be the niche of your YouTube channel so you then start making videos for YouTube which cost you no money at all on that topic you’ve chosen so if your topic is productivity you make productivity videos if you’re very knowledgeable on nutrition you make nutrition videos if you’re a rock star with affiliate marketing the key is these videos you’re making you’re going to be giving people tips advice and support on your chosen topic which in turn is going to help position you as an expert in that Niche which you are but you’re not just going to churn out information you’re gonna work on making engaging fun content as well I’d like to call this infotainment where you blend information and entertainment together by doing that you can start making engaging content that YouTube will start promoting to people who want to learn more about that topic you’re teaching plus remember YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world so you can be showing up right when people are actively looking to learn about a specific topic you’re the person they’re going to find and here’s where the business side comes in you’re then going to offer some premium products or services which you sell through your free videos maybe you sell an in-depth training program maybe you sell one-to-one coaching maybe you sell a physical product who you partner up with with another company and split the revenue between you there’s a lot of options here but the reason this works so well is YouTube is one of the best sources of traffic there is which means is one of the best ways to generate customers and because you’re giving away all that free information in your videos people are much more likely to hear about what you’re selling and then want to buy from you because they already trust you you’ve already given them value you’re just saying if you enjoyed this I’ve actually got this premium thing which can help you even more and so you can start this business with zero dollar right from today for example let’s go back to our first thing that I mentioned let’s say you know a lot about productivity so you make videos helping people with that but then you mentioned in your videos that you offer one-to-one coaching and accountability like a personal productivity mentor and you copy and paste a free calendar Link in your video’s description so someone can book a call with you where you explain the service you can offer and then those that decide to work with you send you money via Paypal stripe or bank transfer for a certain number of sessions that you both agree on now I appreciate this as just an overview but if you want the full in-depth training on building this business model just check out the top Link in the description because it genuinely is an incredible opportunity and know you don’t need amazing camera skills or loads of knowledge about editing literally all you need is a skill or a talent that you’re better at than a lot of other people who’d be wanting to learn about that skill potentially that’s all you need so check out the link in the description if that sounds at all interesting but now let’s move on to the second business model on our list which is a social media marketing agency this business model is where you manage the social media of existing businesses because remember we take for granted how much we know about social media.


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