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The Best Way to Use WordPress

The best way to use WordPress. WordPress is an amazing resource. Millions of people all over the world use it to create, build out, and manage their personal, or even professional, websites. In fact, as of 2022, there were more than 455 million websites hosted on WordPress. But, want to know an amazing way to take your site to the next level?

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00:32 All in One SEO
00:43 Set Custom SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions
01:36 On-Page Optimization
01:59 Readability Analysis
02:16 Customized Search Result Appearance


All In One SEO: ​​

You probably know at least a little about SEO, but there’s a way you can even take things even further and fully optimize your website so it performs better with search engines. It’s called All in One SEO, and it’s one of the best plugins you can install for your WordPress site.

Here’s how it can help your website, feature number one, set custom SEO titles and meta descriptions. You can control SEO settings on a per page basis, set an SEO title and meta tag manually, you can preview how it looks in search results on either the desktop or mobile. With advanced settings, you can also set up a canonical URL, include other meta tags, and configure additional settings. Now, when you’re optimizing your meta description title tag, keep in mind you want to include keywords. You want to do a search on Google for the terms you want to rank for and see what other people are using for both the title and description, ’cause it’ll give you ideas. With your title, short and to the point is better than using up all the characters. We’ve found that shorter title tags under 50 characters tend to get more clicks compared to using longer ones. In many cases, we even find ones that are under 40 characters perform better. And with your meta description, make sure it’s compelling so people want to click through and read the rest.

Feature number two, on-page optimization. Simply enter a focus key phrase and the plugin will make sure your content has been properly optimized, evaluating keywords in your title, meta description, URLs, intros, subheadings, and even more. It also checks content length, internal and external links, title tag length, and other essential SEO factors.

Feature three, readability analysis. Remember, Google factors in how useful and user-friendly your content is. All in One SEO checks images and visuals, paragraph and sentence length, passive-voice usage, transition word, and repetition.

Feature four, customized search result appearance. Take full control of what your posts and pages look like in search engines. This is super important because the last thing you want to do is write this masterpiece, but then have your post look terrible in the search engine results page.

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29 thoughts on “The Best Way to Use WordPress”

  1. OMG! Neil this just feels like you sold out. Like a conman, available to the highest bidder.

    First of all, you dont even use AIO seo plugin yourself. You use Yoast.

    Second, dont call a SEO plugin a hack, come on. You talking about this plugin like people never seen anything like this before.

    Thirdly: AIO is not great, RankMath have outrun them all. Sorry to say.

    This is such weak content, you not even go into depth of what the plugin can do, you could just have read the description on their website, and you would get more knowledge on this plugin.

    You have must been paid to this bad commercial for the company behind AIO.

    Im sorry Neil, i’m a fan, but this is just below your standard

  2. Hey Neil, thanks for this awesome tips video. Can you please clarify if I can build as website with "Wordpress Site Builder" standalone and move it to any of the "Web Hosting Providers" ? Or I should first choose web hosting provider and later build website with WP Site Builder ?

  3. I'm curious as to whether AIOSEO plugin is better than Joast. I currently use the Joast plugin (free version) and it does all of the same things right down to the readability. Have you done comparisons to determine if one is better than the other? And is it possible to use two different SEO plugins at the same time? I'm wondering if I could try both at once and see if there are noticeable differences in the analysis.

  4. I using Rank math, in this plugin they says to include your focus keywords in URL too.

    If my keyword is long tailed, let's says "Best Guitar For Small Hands Under 500 Dollar" shall I include the entire keyword as Url / or Keep it small and simple? Like

  5. sir i want to make digitalmarketing blog my 1rst blog .I s this good niche for me as a beginner and i want to target 1st tiers country visitors plz reply is this niche good for me is there any chance to get rank on 1st page .

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