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The Chemistry Behind Advanced Content Marketing Strategies with Andy Crestodina

In this episode, we revisit with Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media. Together, we walk through the latest version of his book Content Chemistry. Throughout the episode, we talk through the often overlooked details that help great content marketing campaigns succeed and how you can adopt these ideas for your own campaigns.

Andy’s Book:

The Orbit Media Annual Blog Survey:


0:00 Intro
1:26 the Value of Competition Working Together
2:46 Mindset to Simplify Communication
6:23 Andy’s Book: Content Chemistry
9:10 What is Content Jam
11:45 The Humble Beginnings of Entrepreneurship
17:16 The Most Useful Website Wins… Here’s How it Works
19:56 What is QWASI
21:47 Marketing on platform you don’t own
22:59 The Science of SEO Optimized Content
26:26 How to get backlinks to Products & Services pages
30:45 Turning E-Mail & SOPs into SEO Content
38:49 Turning FAQs into Asset Pages
39:43 The Power of Durable Content
42:19 Double Down on Unicorn Content
45:21 Using Web Utilities & Tools to garner Backlinks
49:17 4 Quadrant Backlink Theory
50:17 SERPe and User Intent
54:28 Ask my competition if…
56:36 Bad Metrics To Use as a Gauge
59:14 How to polish your message BEFORE you drive traffic
1:00:48 The Need to Diversify and Understand What You Own
1:06:36 Orbit Media: Annual Bloggers Survey
1:11:10 The Farotech Unique Process


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