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Home » The Complete History of Destiny Up To Lightfall (2014 – 2023)

The Complete History of Destiny Up To Lightfall (2014 – 2023)

The Complete History of Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 up to Lightfall. From Vanilla D1, Dark Below, House of Wolves, Taken King, Rise of Iron, D2 Vanilla, Curse of Osiris, Warmind, Forsaken, Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, Witch Queen, and all the seasons in between. This is the compilation of my History series of Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 up to Lightfall.

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Destiny 2 Witch Queen Destiny 2 Lightfall News Update

Some Clips From:

0:00 Destiny 1 Alpha, Beta, Launch
12:57 Dark Below, House of Wolves
23:30 Taken King
39:42 Rise of Iron
50:46 Destiny 2 Hype, Beta, Launch
1:09:20 Curse of Osiris, Warmind
1:34:28 Forsaken
1:51:07 Forsaken Annual Pass
2:13:42 Shadowkeep
2:35:09 Shadowkeep Seasons
3:01:08 Beyond Light
3:22:58 Beyond Light Seasons
3:40:30 Witch Queen
4:02:07 Witch Queen Seasons


31 thoughts on “The Complete History of Destiny Up To Lightfall (2014 – 2023)”

  1. Great video! Just a note, it looks like you missed the captions for the Forsaken annual pass chapter starting at 1:51:07, where the captions at that point head straight into talking about Shadowkeep, so the rest of the video's subtitles are a chapter ahead.

  2. great video, im going to segway to seeing the transformation of eververse over the life of the game is interesting. from meagre beginnings with an event store to the in your face multi billion dollar icome generating machine they operating now. alongside the game of course

  3. Wth. We got so much content and (more importantly) so many quality of life improvements in d1 updates.
    And supposedly the d2 engine is easier to update than the old one.

    the latest state of the game statement does seem promising though

  4. I got into this game during S18, and the only reason I've stayed with it is because when I play a game, I have this tendency to watch videos about it, so I knew that this game had sooo much more to offer than the new light tutorial showed me.

    Unfortunately most people don't do that and get this game only to uninstall it because the Tutorial barely explains anything and just sucks, hopefully Lightfall's Guardian Rank thingy does that.

    Also god this video makes me jealous of people who got to experience the Forsaken Era of Destiny… really hoping the 100 dollars I paid for Lightfall is worth it.

  5. Going flawless 50 times isn't a PvP casual, I know plenty of hardcore PvPrs that never went flawless during D1 so don't kid yourself on that. But I do agree, it was never meant to be competitive and that's the main choke around the neck of Destiny 2 and imho It's one of the reason the game is suffering so badly overall because of the time investment of constant PvP balancing in an unbalanceable game whilst drying the tears of PvP sweats to try and make them happy.

  6. I'm actually somewhat glad the view of early D2 is as negative as it was in this video, because I played D1 and enjoyed it but it didn't really hook me. I got Destiny 2 free with my GPU purchase, but really had no interest in it. But I remember playing the beta, thought it was rough and not really that fun. I played it at launch and realised it was just slow, boring and felt clunky. Not the sharp accurate shooter I'd been told about since I stopped playing D1 (I was never good with controllers) – So I stopped, I did give it a shot later, I will admit it was probably in a much better state but it literally went F2P a few days later and loads of the content got vaulted, irritated, I stopped playing again. Finally started playing again during Season of the Risen and wow, I finally fell in love with the game. Interesting to read your start to life in D2, shrouded in mostly negative feelings, especially at 1:03:00 area mark talking about spongey enemies, really worried the whole talk about "Bringing back challenge" talks recently this might come around again with nerfs to abilities. Kind of feels backwards to faulter this incredibly tight power fantasy game by taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back, but we'll see how the changes effect the game at launch rather than worrying.

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