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The Four Pronged Research Approach to Unbiased Buyer Personas

This week, we’re taking a step away from artificial intelligence to focus on what we, as humans, can do to understand our buyers better. Because when we’re informed about our buyers’ likes and dislikes, we’re better equipped to have impactful conversations.

In this episode of Conversation Starters, Adrienne Barnes, founder of Best Buyer Persona – a data-driven way to discover who your customers are, how they behave, and why they behave that way – explains the four-pronged approach she takes to understanding who her companies’ buyers exactly are. She explains why companies should look beyond “Bob the marketer” and “Sally the sales girl” naming conventions and form a complete, unbiased knowledge of their buyer that unifies company messaging across teams.

The Highlights:
(2:58) Who is Adrienne Barnes?
(4:14) Why Adrienne started the Best Buyer Personas company
(7:56) Adrienne’s thoughts on how you should be (and should not) be naming your buyer personas
(13:46) The four prongs that make up Adrienne’s customer research
(21:03) The Relational Analysis Framework
(23:44) How to use keywords to identify where a customer is at in their journey & how to create content specific to them
(26:10) How people beyond content marketers can leverage buyer personas to be better at their job

Best Buyer Persona:
The Relational Analysis Framework:

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