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The Invisible Yet POWERFUL Social Media | Google My Business

Google has a long list of social media platforms that have fallen by the wayside and been forgotten and discontinued. Even with this notorious reputation for launching and dumping projects, one has stood the test of time in a pretty powerful way. What platform are you missing out on? Google My Business.

“That’s not a social media,” you might say, but with some recent feature updates your business could benefit greatly from treating it like one!

0:00 Intro
0:11 4 Ways To Optimize Google My Business!
0:18 Why You Haven’t Heard of GMB
0:53 #1 Curate Your Photos
1:49 #2 Claim Your Listing
2:08 Creating A Virtual Tour of Your Business
2:52 What Makes Google My Business Social?
3:30 #3 Reply To Reviews
3:42 How To Respond To Negative Reviews
4:24 What is a Local Guide?
5:31 Google’s New Chat Feature
6:23 How To Respond To Chat Messages
7:15 #4 Run Location Extension Ads
8:26 Remember- Curate Your Media!
9:01 Have Questions? We Can Help!
9:35 The Long Goodbye

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