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The Momentum of Murder | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 39

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Bells Hells must contend with the bureaucracy of being murder suspects before they can begin their turbulent travels to southern Marquet…

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“It’s Thursday Night (Critical Role Theme Song)” by Peter Habib and Sam Riegel
Original Music by Omar Fadel and Hexany Audio
“Welcome to Marquet” Art Theme by Colm McGuinness
Additional Music by Universal Production Music, Epidemic Sounds, and 5 Alarm
Character Art by Hannah Friederichs

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22 thoughts on “The Momentum of Murder | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 39”

  1. HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing

    0:35 Gratitude
    3:55 Generation Nord
    4:55 But wait, there’s more
    6:25 CR Mad Libs
    8:25 Nostalgia for Winter’s Crest
    9:25 Intro cinematic
    14:35 Recap Ends
    17:50 Sean Shashadri
    19:40 Code in the cookies
    20:30 Rebranding the group
    23:30 Travis gets a message
    25:40 Room 69
    27:30 Telling Evelyn (Eshteross is fine)
    31:20 Fearne’s pantomime
    33:45 I’m Matilda Bradbury
    35:35 Hodor
    38:25 Eldritch poof
    44:50 FCG takes the accent
    49:00 Mail fraud 2.0
    49:45 Word of power
    52:05 Ashton accidentally becomes a cop
    53:15 Ashton implicates themself
    1:01:25 Speaking to Eshteross
    1:06:55 Legend of the Peaks
    1:12:55 The fly in Laura’s coffee
    1:14:30 Why aren’t you reading the letter?
    1:16:35 Laudna gets some interest
    1:19:35 Insight from the back
    1:26:15 Robbing Eshteross one last time
    1:27:55 Pate is not sad enough
    1:29:35 Wild out
    1:32:30 A solemn goodbye… while all that is happening
    1:45:15 Schwing
    1:48:35 SAM’S FLASK HERE
    1:53:35 Ashton kills Chetney prematurely
    1:55:30 Pretty (playing the field)
    1:58:45 Gotta go drain the bacon grease
    1:59:40 BREAK STARTS
    2:09:25 Art Montage
    2:11:25 BREAK ENDS (Gondola Fastpass)
    2:15:15 Messing up the dialogue tree (mama juice)
    2:17:25 Imogen has had one too many
    2:19:20 Promote the most unsettling people
    2:20:20 Xandis
    2:22:50 Dramatic pausing
    2:25:35 Ball check
    2:31:05 Matt’s teenager voice
    2:32:35 I was talking to Matt
    2:35:10 Making cookies
    2:40:50 Chetney was in a woodworking montage
    2:42:10 Fancy coin
    2:45:00 TO THE SKIES!
    2:46:15 Travel day 1
    2:47:15 Travel day 2
    2:49:20 Travel day 3 (storm)
    2:56:05 Travel day 4 (Ruidus)
    2:57:20 Imogen’s dream
    3:01:15 Chetney wolfs out
    3:03:50 Battle begins
    3:11:30 Moon’s getting real low
    3:17:45 Losing the urge… kinda
    3:22:15 Meatza pizza
    3:23:45 Oops
    3:25:35 Chetney makes a move just a little too soon
    3:27:15 Back to the dream
    3:30:55 Messaging Mom
    3:32:30 Episode Ends

    The in-game start date for the episode was the 25th of Sydenstar in the year 843. Sam’s gas can has an ad for a phone sex line with Ruidus. I don’t want to post the text, because it might get this comment hidden.

    If you’re American, please vote, and get other people around you to vote.

    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Gotta go drain the bacon grease.

  2. My money is that the mystic Weva is a Leshay. Looks pale, half elven features but no elven ears? Could be wrong but sounds like it to me. Anybody have insight on this? Edit: I dont think her eyes were full black though.

  3. Some powerful moments and great speeches, but it WAS their fault! lol

    Them going to Whitestone is why Eshteross had to fend for himself, it's the direct consequence of them trying to undo their other consequences.

    Plus yes, she learned of Eshteross' involvement because they fucked up their plans which resulted in those original consequences.

    Even if it was inevitable, it's entirely their fault lol

    I am certainly enjoying the RP anyways, as usual, I hope they follow through on them "being his vengeance," but a bit more ownership for their mistakes would have been nice, been watching them fuck up for a while now, after all lol

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