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The New Email Marketing – Larry Kim

Larry Kim, the founder of Wordstream, will discuss a new and improved way for better email marketing. This Stukent Expert Session is also available on

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5 thoughts on “The New Email Marketing – Larry Kim”

  1. I'm in a marketing class that uses the stukent website and simulation software. I find it ok at best. the majority of the expert videos are done with really bad sound quality. most of them sound as if the guest is being recorded through a land line phone. The poor sound quality is only rivaled by the shear number of "um's", "uh's", and " like__fill in the blank here___'s" . This video was no exception, but it added multiple repeating of the same word, not sure if the guest struggles with stuttering or not; it was just distracting. Making the 15 minute to feel more like hours. If you are a professor looking at this program you may also want to know that if you have any student that use a screen reader their program will not allow it to work.I had to have our disability service coordinator call and demand a formatted copy that would work. Also the powerpoints are not able to be printed off and used as reference. Uless you are willing to go through th hassle of using the print screen option and then put them into a word doc or recreate the powerpoint in the powerpoint program. but the original was not scanned at a high enough pixel count so when you go to make the image big enough to read the writing blurs out. as a student i do not recommend this company unless they make drastic changes. I would like to see a print option (where the student can choose how the powerpoints are printed).

  2. Why does he have (I'm assuming funny five years ago) memes if he is skipping over it in a fraction of a second? Take slides out if you don't want people to see them lol.

    Can we get an updated email marketing video? My marketing class is making me watch this 5-year-old video recorded on bandicam.

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