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The Off Ramp | Russell Brunson

The Off Ramp –

When somebody signs up for a product or service of yours, whether that be a simple lead magnet, we normally take them through some form of the welcome email sequence.

the off ramp
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And most of us as marketers, that’s what we do, we think to ourselves, well hang on a minute, if I’m going to follow this snakes and ladder sequence which is “Hey, I signed up for this, this is the next logical step, this is what you need to do”. Now the Off Ramp is a footer in your email sequence that details what’s the next step, but it puts out everything quite simply.


Here are 4 ways I can help you and your coaching business right now:

1. Join our FREE Facebook™ group

the Scalable Business Group, and connect with coaches who are growing too – it’s our Facebook™ community where the sharpest business coaches on the planet learn to get more money, deliver more impact, and get more freedom, join the Scalable Business Group NOW!

2. Schedule a FREE 15-minute Brainstorm Call with me

we’ll map out a personalized plan of your next steps to grow your coaching business. Please leave your credit card at home too – there’s no pitch on this call. Just a great conversation with an expert to help you figure out what’s next for you in your business.

Let’s schedule a 15-minute call

3. Chat with me in Messenger

we’ll talk about where you’re at and where you want to be. And together we can look at what your next steps are to move the needle in your business.

4. Join the Get Clients Now™ Challenge

become a successful case study – the outcome of Get Clients Now™ is simple: To get you, clients. I’m aiming to get you at least an extra $10-$15k per month, so we’ll give you everything we need to make that happen, and nothing you don’t. Here’s the best part, there are no ads to run, no funnels to launch, and no tech to struggle with. We’re going to solve the 3 biggest problems that stop coaches from launching and growing their businesses. Delivery Confidence, Lack of Leads, and Sales Anxiety.

Learn more about becoming a Case Study NOW!


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