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The Simple Genius of a Prefabricated House – My Net Zero Home Build

The Simple Genius of a Prefabricated House – My Net Zero Home Build. Get Surfshark VPN at – Enter promo code UNDECIDED for 85% off and 3 extra months for FREE! I’m in the process of building a new energy efficient, net zero, modular home to passive house standards, that’s being built in a factory. Why did I choose this path versus one of the many other sustainable and energy efficient methods like stick built passive homes, ICF, earthships, etc. (fill in your favorite technique)? There’s no one right way to do this, but I think the best way to walk through why I went the path I did is to show you how Unity Homes builds their houses. This may spur ideas for yourself. I had the chance to see my house’s panelized walls getting built in the factory, and to say it was cool would be an understatement. After seeing this, you might see why factory building energy efficient homes and buildings might be a good path for the future.

Watch My Biggest Regret Building a Net Zero Home

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27 thoughts on “The Simple Genius of a Prefabricated House – My Net Zero Home Build”

  1. The Socialist "Climate Changing Cult" is the scariest in World History. You make the Socialists in Germany in 1933 seem almost quaint. CO2 isn't a poison unless you hate HUMANS and plants. Germans in 1933 didn't think they would murder 6m Jews by 1945, either. This trajectory is far more ominous because of the useful idiots like this pushing this silly "climate is changing more than we like so we must take your Liberty, Property and LIFE" cult.

    If it were an ACTUAL Climate emergency that would require this behavior then WE COULD ALL SEE IT WITH OUR OWN EYES. That only the Commie/Fascist left can see it and the ONLY possible solution is more Commie/Fascism is the OBVIOUS tell.

    ~I am Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  2. If the design can be factory manufactured to take a Category 5 hurricane or Tornado (we have the technology) then this would be perfect to replace much much more quickly so many homes damaged will be safer in the future. 😁😁

  3. Wow, this is cool. I fantasize about buying a prefab tiny home that is trucked in and assembled on site. But adding Net Zero into the build would be even better. Thanks for showing how it's done, Matt.👍

  4. I came to say this – Well said Jeffrey B – "I legit teared up a bit when he said "we've been developing this for… quite a while," and immediately thereafter says "it's going to be open source." Ted is an exemplary human being, I love that he is doing this! He is truly committed to this model and driving the industry forward without making it solely about making more money. +1 to Ted for being a role model of a human. And +1 To Matt – I thouroghly enjoy you videos. Thank you!

  5. I built à 2×70m 2 with local straw and wood casting , clay/hemp walls .40cm of straw….cost of total isolation 800 straw bale ×2 € = 1600€ for de 6 sides.
    Total cost of the house ( self construction)with small wood stove, double flux ventilation, salar eating pannels,and 5 × 400w solar pannels………..
    65 000 €.
    Price and ecologicaly unbeatable.
    From Belgium

  6. I love this idea. I wonder if the software would be able to compute specifications for building rammed earth constructions. The virtual twin blueprint is such a great idea in the construction field.

  7. Shipping: The first question we had in a discussion was what would the shipping cost be added to this? But we realized that it should be less. Considering that it would be a one way one time fee. On standard construction that fee is 2 way and spread out between each and every item. 2 way because there is a massive amount of waste that has to be collected up into a dumpster and shipped off.
    I worked for a landscape company at one time that did every step of the landscape construction. Clearing, foundation prep and fill, Grading, all the way to the final yard plants, irrigation, and flower and plant arrangements. We saw the impact the total construction had on the site and surrounding area including neighbors. Often there where areas that the plants and grass would just die. This was due to materials contaminating the soil. Seems this would all be a thing of the past in this type of construction.

  8. Super nice home. As an electrician who works in commercial construction we desperately need to catch up on digitizing the whole construction industry. These prefab homes are definitely the way to go I. The future.

  9. @17:08
    Nah I don't think your weird. If I were as blessed as you are, I'd be happy & excited about it as well.

    That bit about the software, was very interesting.

    Good video. Interesting process. Thanks for doing it.

    As far as building a "home" inside a climate controlled building. I don't think their's anything bad about it per-say. I mean they already build "Parts" of homes this way.. from laminated beams, to trusses, & I-beams…

    That being said… you need a certain amount of work to keep things like this going.. a supply & demand issue… that's where you get into trouble. How many people can afford this?

    I know I've seen news talking about how people can't even afford a single bedroom home.. rent wise.. let alone out right buying a home… A lot of logistical & financial hurdles to overcome…

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