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The State of Local Search 2023 | BrightLocal

Join The State of Local Search 2023, with top local SEO experts Joy Hawkins, Ben Fisher, and Amanda Jordan. The panel will share their insights on the state of local search, followed by a live Q&A.

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00:00:45 Intro
00:04:27 Hot takes/Wild predictions for 2023
00:07:58 What are the 3 biggest changes you’ve seen to local SEO and the local SEO industry last year and why?
00:14:28 Is there one tactic or strategic change that had the most impact on your clients in 2022?
00:18:50 What surprised you the most over the past year – i.e. something that you thought would work but didn’t, or thought wouldn’t work but did?
00:23:52 Can you offer any tips and tricks to be aware of with the NMX, and any new features that can’t be overlooked?
00:29:22 How much can we seriously see AI changing the way local SEOs conduct work?
00:45:37 Apple has now launched Apple Business Connect. What could this mean for the local search landscape?
00:54:16 What’s the single biggest learning you’ll take from 2022 and apply across your client base in 2023?
00:59:32 A discussion on the Local Marketing Confidence Survey 2023
01:05:28 Q&A with the panel


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  1. I have a business I'm managing in Google Business Profile with one location and a number of services listed under 3 business categories. Every week, I input the services (some suggested, some custom) under each category. They start as pending and get approved within the hour. By the next week, all the services disappear and only the categories remain. I had descriptions installed for each one, but after they got deleted 3 times, I just restore all the services and they all get deleted the next week. What's going on? We don't receive any notification or error – they just vanish. Any insight here?

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