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The Three Elements That Make Music Come Alive

A look at what brings music to life, featuring Gareth Coker’s score to Ori and the Blind Forest.

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00:00 – 00:48 Intro
00:48 – 04:06 Movement
04:06 – 06:04 Breath
06:04 – 09:20 Warmth
09:20 – 09:46 Outro


29 thoughts on “The Three Elements That Make Music Come Alive”

  1. Your videos always seem to address very specific problems that I have, and they always come through with helping me overcome them! Once again, everything in this video is greatly helpful, and I'll be sure to use it for the competition!

  2. I made Ori and the blind forest cover some weeks ago, if only i knew this! I mean i should really attempt another try. This really mind blowing and helpful knowledge, i might try another ori theme and apply this knowledge to my music, thank you so much for these!

  3. Ryan, I love the information you provide in your analysis. Exceptionally good editing while showing the scores of the themes under consideration is of immense value. Whilst I"m not a gamer, seeing their scores placement in situ is a great clue to something I would never else have been aware of. Clearly a lot of work goes into producing these excellent presentations and is certainly does show. I am still studying the in depth analysis of Octopath Traveler especially as I love Japanese anime. Additional, the books you occasionally highlight have all found a place on my bookshelf.

  4. Sorry, I can't always comment immediately, but the early morning hours are full of meetings for me so often I have to wait till afternoon to chime in. Here is a comment though to help you with those cold, cold algorithms 🙂I don't think you said but that award you showed…I'm assuming that was the Maverick Movie Award that you got for Devil's Racecourse? You make a really compelling argument for incorporating live musicians in the mix wherever possible but what is more, you actually gave examples of where/how to find/engage with them on a project. Much appreciated. Working right now on the Hooktheory books and using your course to try and write something for the current competition 🙂

  5. Ryan. Do you have any videos/courses on music production with DAWs? I'm currently stuck between transferring music from a note scorer to a DAW and I'm not sure which part of the process most of this stuff in this video would fit.
    Unless I could sync my notescorer and my DAW…

  6. Not Into playing video games, but this video shows how much beautiful music I'm missing! Hoping I can get the soundtrack without having to become an expert gamer …

  7. I literally stopped what I was doing to take notes on this video. I really like how you present the concepts, explain, and show. Essentially things I already know and have studied. Just presented so well and gives me new ideas for composing. Cheers to you Ryan!

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