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The video the Illuminati doesn’t want you to see

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Vox’s Phil Edwards investigates the real Δ.

The Illuminati is fascinating, but is it real? This is the history of the real group, including everything from the Freemasons to Dan Brown. If you’ve heard about the group, you’ve probably wondered: what is the real illuminati? Conspiracy theories like “illuminati confirmed” have confused the issue, so here are the illuminati facts about the history of the group.

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29 thoughts on “The video the Illuminati doesn’t want you to see”

  1. Do black prince hall Masons learn the same thing(The Craft) at the 33rd degree that the regular freemasons learn at the 33rd degree? Or do they get taught a different version of "The Craft"?

  2. Everything is censored these days so if they didnt want this vid to be seen it wouldnt be. Whole you tube is filled with vids like this so u have to ask urself why. They want it seen and as to why is what people need to ask themselves.

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