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The WEIRD World of Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold is my favorite cartoon of all time, actually, Hey Arnold is my favorite show of all time. Today, I wanted to make something very special to celebrate 500,000 subcribers, so what better thing to do then to make a way to long video on Hey Arnold to also celebrate my love for this show. If you want more long form content like this, let me know, but I am glad that I could do it first with Hey Arnold! Thanks for watching!

Thanks To:
Craig Bartlett: His Instagram is his name
What’s In My Head Podcast:
Johnny 2 Cellos:

Written By: Jordan Fringe
Edited By: Jordan Fringe & David Strickland
Channel Art By: Jerry Meehan


34 thoughts on “The WEIRD World of Hey Arnold!”

  1. Thanks so much for watching! This took so much out of me and I hope you enjoy it no matter how long it takes you to watch it. Let me know your thoughts on Hey Arnold as well as your favorite episode and character from the show!

  2. After watching in pieces I have finished the video and do NOT regret a single minute of it. Your interest honest feelings about this show carry to me too. This show taught me humility ❤

  3. Finally made it to the end. I hadn't realized that as I got older I started tapering off of Hey Arnold, so it was great to get filled in on the stuff from later seasons that I missed. Especially the two movies. Thanks so much for making this.

  4. Thank you for putting so much effort into this video. I'll admit Hey Arnold kinda passed me by at the time, which is a shame as seeing it through your eyes has made me want to give it a watch as there's clearly so much going on.

  5. I finally finished it ! After a whole week of walking down memory lane I did ! What an amazing thoughtful video that dives so deep into the world of Hey Arnold! Thank you so much for the journey into the show as well as ur love for the show! Thank you again Jordan 🎉!

  6. I'm already subscribed… but I would do it again.
    Also Brainy likes Helga… like Helga loves Arnold. but he never seems bothered by her love for him. If anything he shows up when he does because he knows she's at her happiest. He likes her so much he became her wingman… WTF BRAINY?!?
    Why are you like this? Who are these parents? HOW ARE YOU ALWAYS IN THE TRASH?!?!

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