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Home » The Whole Truth About Passive Income & Financial Freedom With Internet Millionaire Dan Lok

The Whole Truth About Passive Income & Financial Freedom With Internet Millionaire Dan Lok

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Dan Lok, a multi-millionaire and serial entrepreneur, and an international best-selling author. Dan is considered the world’s leading expert in internet marketing and is referred to by many as the “Millionaire Mentor.”

Dan’s inspirational story of an immigrant-turned-multi-millionaire business leader has attracted a global following. In fact, if you Google “Dan Lok”, you’ll see his name is all over 1,000,000 web pages!

People are amazed by his message of success in the face of adversity, helping them believe that every dream is possible with the right attitude and work ethic. Dan has single handedly sparked a new generation of entrepreneurship and business-savviness, providing youth with a clear direction for success and growth.



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50 thoughts on “The Whole Truth About Passive Income & Financial Freedom With Internet Millionaire Dan Lok”

  1. Thank you so very very much for the videos of mr Dan lok, because they have so changed my mind set to be rooted in business. Am 24 years old man running business in the country of zambia. Thank you Mr Dan lok for teaching the world.

  2. Wild life and pets has been the companion of all,now technology has revolve round the world creating positive impacts in people's lives,only the believers can partake and will soon be the financial source for all

  3. Wow he did give a heads up that this likely wouldn't be what I expect and he sure was right! I really enjoyed this and got some wonderful notes. Hard to believe it's an hour recording (also here's a tip; increase the speed on the video. Love that feature!)

  4. This workshop has definitely made an impact about how I have been thinking about money because after watching lot of videos I was confused with a lot of different Informations but Dan has turned me to the right direction so thank u so much for having this video in YouTube

  5. I don't know, but I hope you see it, do you have to be educated to a level before you can start your own business and with time educate yourself more. If "yes", what least level could that be?

  6. I watched the whole educational video for me and I noticed that I should grab a notebook and pen and start again another day. Thank you for sharing this very heavy lessons even though its mix with laugh here and there ❤️

  7. Iam just starting our business here in uk. Honestly life been so hard as you know being in the different country and walking out to the life that you get use to was a big challenge! I have zero degree in school back in my country but what iam holding on is the experience i have and the lesson ive learn to my father as a business entrepreneur. Anyway to make long story short when i move in uk i dont know where iam going to start i feel lost but iam fighting all those fears. I start to work as the most lower job you can have in this country.i dont want to sit down and just think when is the money will comes into my hand. As for my first job i used to walk miles and miles or run miles to get into my job to the jobs not include taking my 2 kids from 2 different school life was tougher but i never loose hope bec i always had a principle if i dont help my self who wil be helping me i cant relay on my husband at all time bec i know life doesnt work that way then eventually i manage to buy my bike to cycle around. I have experience getting wet in on cold weather and getting dry it doesnt stop me even you feel like you want to fall apart but i use to say this is just all temporary. So i stay focus and manage to get a car cycling around help me to give the understand driving around place. So after i have getting more jobs and jobs. With too many job it was very tiring as i need to look after my family ,kids and the house. Nothing was easy until such a time i found a job that suite for me and a job that i always want. So during that process i become a junior chef i was so eager for a change until oneday there is a cafe that been close down by the lake. So we give it a try but unfortunately someone already take over another 2 months the cafe shut down again then me and my husband quickly reaxh out to the owner. By that time we manage to close the deal i acknowledge the responsibility will be more intense and i know it will not be easy we started just now and the business was ups and down as the winter is coming and threat of lockdown. Honestly a lot of stress and underpressure but i do believe no body start in being good. Iam very possitive eventually everythings will go back to normal. Iam a fearless type of person specially when we talks about money making. My energy of making money is always in my blood. I dont give up until i dont get what i want. I know its not a easy way specially at the moment the business is to slow. And watching your video its give me a lot of understanding and energy. It help me to worry less but just to work hard and aim for the better. Its give me the understand that you cant have the result over night. It does inspire me by watching your video and its give me more motivations the understand the language of money is there anyway i can get tru your class to get an advice for more better understanding about business and making money. I hope you will read my comments. Just to let you know iam one of your one 1 fans. I been watching this when iam not busy in my cafe and when sometimes iam cleaning my cafe. Lol something it gives me energy and positivity on business. Have a wonderful holiday thumb 👍 and god bless you

  8. please DAN , i need your help, want to help my family so please teach me how to make money. I so much like the way you teach .
    i want to make money for my family and myself. THANK U SO MUCH

  9. My mom tried staying home for
    1 year leaving her job but the problem is even she is overseas she would call my siblings everyday and gets angry if no one answers their phones.worse she is having high blood pressure and frequent visits to the doctor while just staying home. So after that she decided going back to work then get busy. Like you said most people don't want to retire , just sit home and never do anything..

  10. Power house lessons…. Great, fantastic job as always. Everyone should subscribe to this guy and tune in to his many educational presentations. The contents will change your life positively…it's aĺl up to you though

  11. Спасибо! Было очень полезно! Желание пассивного дохода забирало у меня энергию, много уселось в голове. Буду ещё ваши другие видео слушать.

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