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Think It. Create It. | Wix

Get your site up and running with a tailored creation experience. Add what you need for your business and pick a design that matches your style. Customize it with complete flexibility down to the very last detail. Turn it up with advanced animations and videos to grab people’s attention. Sell products with an online store, take bookings and build yourself an online community. With the right marketing tools, reach your audience wherever they are, and use your personalized analytics dashboard to shape your business’s growth smarter.

About Wix:

Wix is the industry-leading website creation platform that’s trusted by hundreds of millions of users around the world. Since 2006, Wix has empowered businesses, entrepreneurs, enterprises and creators to build, manage and grow their online presence—all from one place.

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4 thoughts on “Think It. Create It. | Wix”

  1. I even wrote an article about wix,

    I'm one of those people that believe Wix is the FUTURE of WEB, here is some small criticm from my side, the dashboard UI could be improved a bit maybe include as much stuff of the box like wix ascend and the pricing offers should be fewer no more than three other than that the product is great.

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