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Home » This is how most of you will use Kontakt 7 🎹

This is how most of you will use Kontakt 7 🎹

Download Kontakt 7 Player FREE:
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How to Route Kontakt 7 in your DAW:

When I first opened up Kontakt 7 from @Native Instruments. I was really confused. I constantly wondered if I was using it correctly, or if there was a better way to save on RAM. If you can relate, this video is for you. Today you’ll learn the 2 main ways that you’ll use Kontakt, and a big power tip on how to save a significant amount of RAM.

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00:00 How to Use Kontakt 7 for Beginners
00:22 Is Kontakt 7 A DAW?
00:33 What’s the difference between Kontakt 7 Player and Kontakt 7?
01:19 How to use Kontakt 7 with a single instrument
02:55 How to use route multiple instruments inside of Kontakt 7
04:37 How to save RAM with Kontakt 7 using the Purge Button

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5 thoughts on “This is how most of you will use Kontakt 7 🎹”

  1. One thing I didnt like about Kontakt was the lack of resizable screen – it was practically unusable on 4k monitors.

    I heard this one now has a fully resizeable gui – how has the experience been with that?

  2. I will have to check if there is actually a free version. It looks very interesting and if everything I see in your video will work for me. It remains for me to thank you for the info and advice. 👍

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