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This is the problem Biden is having amid classified docs discovery: Andrew McCarthy

National Review Institute senior fellow Andrew McCarthy discusses Biden’s classified documents discovery and the response from the White House.

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29 thoughts on “This is the problem Biden is having amid classified docs discovery: Andrew McCarthy”

  1. And you know the thing is I remember how you talked about Trump and he was a president I still think you're the biggest fool I've ever tried to listen to I'm surprised you can keep a straight face I know I can't people that stick up for socialism communism and Marxism need to have their head examined and yeah you can be after toy seek Tulsi gabbard

  2. Yeah but the funny thing is you non-reporting freaking left us I'm going to tell you I'm going to tell you facts again these documents was when he was a sitting president dated in that such Biden you keep sticking up

  3. I want to know if is the same Anti America and Americans that's going or sending People in Americans apartment to steal documents too prevent them from getting their benefits from the Labor department and HRA. Even interfering with Americans work. Joe, Joe this could be the culprit on People's phones. The Anti America and Americans don't sleep.

  4. The point is if when President Trump left he took these documents he does not have to say that they are on classified by the fact that he took them and treated them as unclassified is the exact same thing. The president does not have to stay and wave his hand over the document and say they’re on classify he can do with them what he wants he’s the president and the executive leader he’s the one that decides what happens with these documents.

  5. Well Neil, why don’t you just follow Shepard Smith to another network. You are starting to act just like him. Nice try in your attempt to lump Biden and Trump under the same statues? Biden was not a U.S. President when he took possession of this Classified Information so he doesn’t fall under the Presidential Records Act. You know this and you also know that many other Presidents have taken Classified Documents, including Obama and Clinton.

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