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This is What Your Marketing Mindset Should ALWAYS Be

Look, I’ve been in digital marketing for a really long time, over 20 years and I’ve seen so many trends come and even go, but do you know what’s been a constant the entire time I’ve been in the game?

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00:39 Leverage UGC Content
01:13 Offer a Seamless Online Experience
01:54 Invest in Recurring Customers
02:20 Leverage Analytics to Drive Better Service
02:44 Survey Your Audience

Crazy Egg:

Every single thing you do should always be focused on not just driving conversions for your brand but actually offering major value to your audience, and do you want to know what your customers really want these days? It’s flexibility. The pandemic changed everything. So how can you meet your audience on their terms and drive more leads for your brands?

Step one, leverage UGC Content. UGC stands for user generated content. Show your audience that they have every reason to trust your brand. 60% of people say that the most authentic content is created by customers. So if you’re selling physical products, have your customers create unboxing videos. If you offer a service, have your customers create content on testimonials or even reviews. These are all examples of creating amazing content, from your customers, that can help with conversions.

Step two, offer a seamless online experience. 68% of customers say they’re willing to pay more for products and services from a brand that offers a good service, and this makes sense. Would you really want to buy products or services from a brand that’s not really known for providing good service? Like just imagine this. You buy something. You need help. You need to talk to them, and you can’t really ever get ahold of ’em. I remember I’ve been a user for Comcast for years, and Comcast was known for one of the worst supports systems out there, terrible service, then they end up rebranding to Xfinity ’cause their service and support was just so bad, and then eventually Netflix and Disney+ and all these solutions came out, and then now I don’t need a pay for Comcast.

Step three, invest in reoccurring customers. Investing in new customers from what we’ve seen at our ad agency, NP Digital, is anywhere from five to almost 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones. So make sure you have upsells, make sure you’re continually helping your customers and you’re doing whatever you can for them not to only create good word-of-mouth marketing for you, but for them to also come back and continually buy from you.

Step four, leverage analytics to drive better service. 72% of companies believe that they can use analytics reports to improve customer experience, and why not? Because if your analytics tells you this is where people are bouncing off. This is where they’re getting stuck. You might as well fix it. You can use tools like Crazy Egg to help you solve these issues with your website so that way you can improve your customer experience.

Step five, survey your audience. 80% of companies use satisfaction scores to analyze and improve customer experience. So why not do the same? You can use tools like SurveyMonkey to survey your audience for free, figure out what’s wrong and fix it. That’s how you continually improve your business.

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17 thoughts on “This is What Your Marketing Mindset Should ALWAYS Be”

  1. Hi Neil, I have been struggling with securing views, watch time & subscribers on YouTube for quite a while and I have done a few adjustments mainly by updating the thumbnails which has drawn a few more cumulatively 100 views in total, Please share some insight 🙂🌏🙏

  2. Thanks to Neil positive and realistic advice I have grown a business out of nothing on internet. I have applied his retention tip.
    I dont like other channel who are pushy and promis many unrealiatic things. Step by step. Apply neil advices. It will work

  3. have been trying to reach out because I want to purchase Answer The Public, but unfortunately, I can only pay with a credit card. I only have PayPal and I live in the Netherlands. Is it possible to arrange something?

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