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THREE ways to control your ATEM Mini WIRELESSLY with an iPad

In this video we’ll take a look at three different iPad apps you can use to control your ATEM Mini wirelessly!



LiveApp Pro



PK1 Stand for the ATEM Mini and Extreme

Live Chat Overlay for Chrome

Adam Tow’s (MixEffect) channel

Live demo of Video-Follows-Audio

H2R Layouts for SuperSource

H2R Graphics


00:00 Intro
00:27 WiFi Network Setup
01:23 MixEffect
03:18 LiveApp Pro
06:25 Companion
07:41 Outro


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20 thoughts on “THREE ways to control your ATEM Mini WIRELESSLY with an iPad”

  1. Mixeffect is great. I use it during church services on Sunday's.

    I also use Streamdeck with companion because of the versatility to control Lightkey, Propresenter, atems, etc.

    I didn't know about liveapp until now. I will check it out.

    Mixeffect is my favorite.

    Thanks for the video.

  2. Thanks for providing showcasing MixEffect! Looking forward to sharing with you and your audience the exciting new features coming in the iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 version of MixEffect.

  3. Thanks Aaron. Do you have a video on network set ups for portable rigs? I’ve run into some snags building a new portable rig. One of my problems is testing on my companies secure network I’m sure. With an uplink from a venue, a router and a switch, I’m hoping to be able to get Internet to multiple laptops as well as have ATEM’s and audio mixers networked. Is this essentially what you do on location?

  4. I HATE Apple for forcing people to buy new hardware when it is unneeded. I have a few Ipad 1 tablets laying around which perfectly could run Behringer X-air remote software but if you want it now, you cannot because it requires an newer operating system then the Ipad1 can handle. Yet the old version that worked perfectly is no longer available in the Apple store. F*** Apple.
    I can still use the Ipad 1 for Atem remote cam switching because it could load the Stratto Atem remote software from the store because it was never updated. But that was just pure "luck". I will never spend 1 cent on any Apple device ever anymore. It is an overrated product just for the style and Marketing. Not because it is "better". Only fools pay the extra over and over again.

  5. I've been look for something like LiveApp thanks. Dumb question, with Companion & Stream Deck, do you need to have the stream deck connected to a computer & the computer on the same network just to use the emulator?

  6. great video as always @Aaron ! did you know if the bug that sets the recording bitrate to 0 (when you connect a new controller) its still there? i suffered one time and ruined a work, since then i feared to connect other softwares when atem software control BM is running on…

  7. Apps are awesome. I am using MixEffect. Needs a separate Apple device dedicatedly … that’s $$$$
    Also you need to keep mix effect open all the time if using via companion.
    I wish you had highlighted cons as well.

  8. Hey Aaron, do you think that in future there could be a version of Live Chat Overlay for Vimeo, I love the feature that you created for YouTube but wondered if there could be an 'open source' (forgive my tech language here) version which could be tweaked to configure for different streaming platforms?

  9. Liveapp video cue tab @4:40 – Worth the price of admission when you integrate it with BMD Atem switcher channels. This is why people love software playback of clips where the software is able to communicate with the switcher. That is some mighty fine optimization. As you say so much simpler than doing it with a Hyperdeck. 👍

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