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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Review Fumble or Fantastic? "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?"

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Review Fumble or Fantastic? “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?”
Borderlands dnd based side game is coming out soon. Is it a fumble or is it fantastic
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26 thoughts on “Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Review Fumble or Fantastic? "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?"”

  1. playstation 4 version has those texture problems all the time fertoe you move. Also there's beeen some real bad menu lag. But I've been having fun . But that stuff there is bothersome

  2. after playing for a while its just disappointing. The weapons are basically all the same, there isnt much creativity put into them, the abilities are kinda lame and not as fantastical as expected. And killing the exact same enemy in basically every mission or area is just immersion breaking and really sucks. Honestly BL3 with all its flaws was better, this feels moer like a $30 dlc instead of a $60 game.

  3. TTW has a disappointing storyline, woke tidbits, however some parts of the story wasn't too much to ignore and the gameplay was great. I found myself muting the story parts and trying to get to the gameplay as fast as i could.

  4. They shouldve done more, there is less gun variety about 10 or so spells, classes with only 1 tree (i get that you can mix and match but its worse than the tailored 4 classes. They even had such a great opportunity to create amazing classes based on D&D but fumbled imo) and i just feel like the tone of the series is changing maybe aiming more for 14-16yr

  5. I don’t know. I was hoping for a first person Diablo style type thing. Also, why take the over-the-top gore out? This would’ve been the game that they took it to an absolutely ridiculous level because it’s Tiny Tina, and it’s still part of the Borderlands universe in a sense. They should’ve gone for a completely outrageous amount of fantasy violence and done some overhauls for the weapon designs. This looks like a dlc that they wanted to make a bit longer than the norm for me. I’ll probably still get it eventually because it’s another thing to play when I’m not sinking my days into Elden Ring lol.

  6. Needing to repeat the story multiple times just to progress with your character is something that at this point should have been left in the past. It was specially painful in BL3 since the story was so freaking bad but it has always been something I disliked from Borderlands games and the reason I always used hacks or savefiles to give me characters at the endgame difficulty. A shitty piece of game design that should be replaced with something way more modern and less tedious.

  7. I want to buy this game but its has not been my year.

    Shortages at work mean I can't work my regular hrs.
    Heater went out fridge went out. My car battery died last week. All this in a 3 month period. Money is just not there to buy it.

  8. As I'm playing it, I have to say the story is WAY better than BL3, but it feels short. I checked the list of main missions and I can't believe I'm in the middle of the story already…

  9. This is what made me buy it. Its nice to have as a break game from Elden ring and GT7. it doesn't do anything ground breaking. But they know how to make a fun looter shooter for friends. always an A+ game to have in the library for mind numbing fun to just shoot and loot after a hard day of work.

  10. i started playing the other game a while back. Its amazing in parts but the enemies are way too many. constant. makes the game no fun. even on easy. otherwise good..ive stopped playing it though because of the issue i mentioned. is this game the same?

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