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Toenails 2 for 1. FEET-ure Friday (2022)

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15 thoughts on “Toenails 2 for 1. FEET-ure Friday (2022)”

  1. Like these feet. Now I can accept my feet for normal. My sister contracted polio in the ‘50’s and stayed in an iron lung for 6 months. Her left side suffered with lack of muscle tone, weakness and pain. I remember polio.

  2. My MIL is 82 and had polio as a tweener. She was one of the last to contract it, but it didn’t effect her lungs. But her right leg is basically dead weight. She cannot move muscles from the hip down. Now at 82 she’s a marginal walker. Only from her recliner with a walker to restroom or wheelchair. Sad for such an otherwise very vibrant woman!

  3. I was so excited for this video when your preview said two very different feet.. as a Vet Tech I was sure that the other patient would be your pup! Now that’s two completely different feet. Both normal. I must ask: do you trim your dog’s nails yourself? I’m 71 so I remember polio as a kid. We got our vaccines at school first with a needle and syringe in the arm then in a sugar cube we put in our mouth. No one questioned that vaccine! I’m still recovering from my spinal fusion surgery and watching your channel has been a blessing. Thank you for all the hard work getting this information and entertainment out to us.

  4. I read somewhere that a longer second toe was considered a Patrician foot in ancient Rome, and longer big toe was considered a Plebian foot. They wore sandals so they must have spent a lot of time checking out people's toes. I'm a plebian.

  5. That second guys toe is as long as a finger! I know sometimes when people lose fingers in an accident, they transplant toes onto the hand. He would be able to play piano, write, and do a lot with that long toe as a finger. I would be screwed because all my toes are so short, they are just little nubbins. They would be useless as fingers!

  6. I remember polio! A little boy rode on my school bus who wore braces and it took him so long to get on and off the bus while locking and unlocking his leg braces! My mother had me first in line when the “sugar cube” became available and later the vaccine shots! I don’t understand the reluctance of some parents to get their children vaccinated today! I remember getting mumps, measles, chicken pox, whooping cough, pneumonia, etc. Some children died back then! I raised 7 kids (2 bio, 2 China 3 Cambodia) and always got them vaccinated! Gabriella was 9 when she came from Cambodia so it was 4 shots at a time trying to get her caught up! She wasn’t happy but was stoic!

  7. Now that the video went there. As of March 7, 22 our mask mandate was lifted in Belgium (entire country). We are so-called "code yellow" which is the least strict code of all. I am still masking in the grocery store (people come way too close for comfort, often almost pushing you to the side to get to something, and being in your face pretty much). No question about it. I don't trust it all that well… yet. And we have about 7,000 average daily cases, so in my mind that is still quite a bit. Over in The Netherlands it's in the thousands if not more. It's just been spring break where I live, so… no, I'm not joking around with any of it!

  8. My grandma had 10 children (including mom who is 76 now). 2 died in infancy. In war times, it wasn't uncommon. One died as a new infant of a bad case of the flu! I know even flu can be very very dangerous. I am one of those scaredy-cats in these viral times, and rightly so!

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