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Top 22 of 22

Some of the best points I posted in 2022 PLUS… NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN points … from 2022.

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Thanks to all of my opponents, subscribers, supporters, sponsors (@PingPod and @androtabletennisgermany ) teammates and volunteers who’ve made 2022 truly a dream come true. I am THRILLED to see table tennis growing and am beyond optimistic and SO EXCITED for what the future has in store. Truly grateful and excited to have you with me for the journey.

Congratulations, @michele.gervasio01 for winning this video’s $100 Amazon gift card giveaway. To win a $100 Amazon gift card, just leave an unedited comment with your valid instagram handle “at IGusername” on my next video…. the earlier the better…. and it does not have to be the first comment.

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I play for andro and my equipment is:

Rubber- RASANTER R45 (both sides)
Blade – Treiber K

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29 thoughts on “Top 22 of 22”

  1. You’re the only person who can stop this nonsense of the new angle that makes absolutely no sense. This new camera angle (not the angle in this video but in normal games) is ruining everyone’s table tennis experience. Please do something about it!

  2. Hey Adam! Great video once again, I have being watching for a year and decided to make an account. The minute I did that, I subscribed. I live in Australia, Brisbane and there is not that many love for table tennis apart from my school. I would love for you to come to my school as you are HUGE. Your vids are the best and your are the best commentator. Zariyan A

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