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Top 5 Best FREE WEBSITES to Learn a New Marketing Skill

The top five free websites to learn a new marketing skill. Before the pandemic, a lot of businesses were still in a position of completely ignoring online or digital marketing. And they just relied on foot traffic of people walking by the store.

But once a pandemic started in lots of countries, they decided to go down into a lockdown and basically put a full up to a lot of these businesses, which sucks. And a lot of them either went out of business or they had to learn marketing. And the ones that learned marketing got good at it, it translated into success and more money.

So if marketing in general and digital marketing in particular was already booming in early 2020, they’re now at peaks and they’re going to keep getting bigger and bigger. And if you want to ramp up your marketing skills to leverage that trend, how do you know which websites are the most reliable places to learn that and use skill? because if you actually go to the wrong place to learn marketing, it can actually hurt you.

Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing:
Optinmonster Digital Marketing Training: Courses:
Copyblogger’s Internet Marketing For Smart People:
PPC University by Wordstream:

After all, there are two main things that you need to avoid when it comes to learning marketing. The first is the very academic away. This is totally disconnected from what the market will ask you. Secondly, you don’t want to be learning marketing through generic advice. Generic advice is somewhat helpful. So let’s dive into the five sites.

There’s Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. It’s free with a certification. If you’re getting started in digital marketing and you want to learn from one of the most reliable sources out there, this is a course for you, comes with 26 modules, there are so many. It offers IB a credit certification and only takes 40 hours.

Second one for you Optinmonster Digital Marketing Training and it’s free. This course is focused on one areas where I created the most business results for myself and my clients. And that is email marketing. Email marketing is incredibly helpful tool for your marketing arsenal. It doesn’t have any type of certification but the value you get with the lessons is well worth it.

The next one, of course, Courses. If you go to the training section on Neil Patel there’s training on everything, SEO, social media, heck there’s even courses just on like Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or LinkedIn. There’s literally courses on everything and it’s free with homework assignments, cheat sheets and assignments you to complete with the correct answers.

I’m also playing with accreditation on the Neil Patel training. And I haven’t decided if I’m going to do it yet but if you’re interested in me releasing accreditation or free training certificate, let me know in the comments. And if enough of you say, yes, I’ll consider doing it.

The next one, and this is number four, Copyblogger’s Internet Marketing For Smart People. This is a great course because it integrates a few skills into a framework for you to build an online business, from content marketing, to direct response copywriting.

Last but not least PPC University by Wordstream. This list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t have anything related to paid ads. It’s one of the most efficient and effective ways for you to get traffic. Yes, SEO is great and I love of it and I tell everyone to do it, but you need results now and paid advertising can help you get there right away.

May not be profitable first but through some fine tuning and learning the strategies that you learn from merge team and applying it. you can start generating some sales and conversions.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:17 – The Academic Way
01:23 – Generic Advice
01:40 – Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Free with Certification)
02:14 – Optinmonster Digital Marketing Training (Free)
02:57 – Courses (free)
03:44 – Copyblogger’s Internet Marketing For Smart People
04:27 – PPC University by Wordstream


32 thoughts on “Top 5 Best FREE WEBSITES to Learn a New Marketing Skill”

  1. Thank you so much Neil. Yes, accredidation would be amazing! You are such a well known and reputable brand that it would be so valuable to have a certificate from your company and I hope you can keep the lessons free!

  2. In the digital age, we have no excuse not to continue learning. There are thousands of content available out there to help us. Marketing is necessary for business success. Marketing strategies and tactics should be updated especially when change is always at the corner waiting to happen. We have to equip ourselves with every knowledge available out there. Thanks for sharing these websites, Neil!

  3. I just loved this video because of it's easy, ready to implement and simplify language+techniques+tools which are for free and anyone can reach authority paying a penny..!! Thankyou so much sir.. After a long gape I watched your videos and still happy with the content NP sir 🙏 🎉

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