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Trading Education Warning: Affiliate Marketing

Trading Education Warning: Affiliate Marketing

If you are on a search to learn how to trade, and are potentially even considering investing money into a training program and/or subscription service, this is a topic you need to have a full understanding of. Is someone an affiliate marketer? Is someone not? How can you tell? I go over all the details on how you can tell if someone truly believes in the product they’re chirping about, or if they are just talking positively about it because they’re getting paid.

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8 thoughts on “Trading Education Warning: Affiliate Marketing”

  1. I get asked to show people how to trade all the time but in my opinion I'm not at the stage where I could teach others, I probably never will be, I just don't have the patience or character for it… So if they're asking about stocks I always send them a link to your site / videos. You are one of 2 trading educators I know to be legit (out of hundreds I know about!) So I'm not surprised you don't do affiliate.

  2. Just thought I would mention those links can now be hidden. I am an affiliate marketer myself, but I always make sure to check out the product first to make sure my customers are getting good value. But yes, we do now have methods of re-directs and iFrame methods to hide our affiliate links. I would also like to say I do try to be the good affiliates who research the product first to make sure it's good.

  3. There's nothing wrong with marketing trading programs and it doesn't mean Claytrader is better than all of them. I think you can distinguish between the scammy marketers and those who are professional.

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