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Ultimate Commission Guide for Artists (+ Free resources) with Artistree

This video is sponsored by 🦜 A free and safe platform for artists to host commission info, manage commission orders, and get paid upfront while keeping 100% of their earnings.

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Here’s my updated full art commission guide for 2022! It’s been three years since I last took up this topic and I thought it was about time.

πŸ”– Chapters:
00:00 – Intro & Free Commission Platform
00:56 – What is a Commission?
01:23 – Commission Info
02:52 – Where to host/upload the info?
03:52 – 3 Reasons to use
05:00 – Platform Comparisons
06:13 – Pricing your Commissions
08:13 – Pricing Advice
09:00 – Commercial use
09:54 – Walkthrough: Setting up Commission Info
13:32 – Tips to get commission orders
15:40 – How/when/where to get paid
16:36 – General Commission Advice
17:50 – A Commission Example
20:01 – Get started + more info!

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21 thoughts on “Ultimate Commission Guide for Artists (+ Free resources) with Artistree”

  1. 🌟 Giveaway 🌟 Eeeey, guys! To celebrate the first 1000 artists who have joined their platform, Artistree is hosting a celebration giveaway and the prize is an iPad Air + Apple Pencil.
    ✨ How to enter:

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  2. I just want to say thank you for showcasing Artistree because for the longest time i wanted to do commissions but had some up's & downs in life. i wouldn't draw because i had a Perfectionist Mindset which prevented me to do what i loved in the 1st place. Recently, I've finally learned to Let it Go & make mistakes. After watching your video I'm Pumped to start doing Commissions but only after i Re-Visit the basics of art for a little bit & what i know.

  3. 1) I seriously thought I was subscribed to you because I've watched so many of your videos, ESPECIALLY your art style and commissions videos, but I wasn't??? oops???
    2) this is SO COOL. I immediately started poking around the site and setting up my account. I am so glad they reached out to you for this!
    I was wondering, do you have any advice on the slump between commissions, especially when they last a long time? I got so ashamed of my lack of commissions that I unpinned all of my commissions posts, which in hindsight is very dumb lol, but it's super embarrassing to have gotten lots of commissions at very poor rates in high school, but now that I'm nearly graduating uni with a degree in illustration, to not get any commissions at all 😭is it just better marketing? most likely lol but if you had any advice, especially with the mental side of things, I'd super appreciate it!

  4. Hi Nadia, thank you for this video. So glad website like this one exist, then again i can't connect my PayPal because my country is not available in the phone number list. I'm so sad. πŸ˜”πŸ˜’

  5. i've had problems with pricing my art for a long time (well.. i've only been taking commissions for three or so years, but i've thought about it for a long time!) and one main thing that always tripped me up was the "time" aspect of pricing it. Everyone always says "Price your work based on how long it takes!" or "The longer your work takes, the more you should charge!" but… I can get a colored + cel shaded fullbody done in less than two hours! Maybe one if I don't get distracted (ADHD is a bitch, lmao). It doesn't even take much effort for me either- just turn on some music, turn off my brain, and get to work.
    For anyone struggling with this too, i'd say look at it a different way: Because you draw so fast, price MORE. if your art is good and it gets done quickly, that's a very good thing for most people, so they'd be willing to pay extra!
    this video was very good and helped me with a lot of things i thought about commissions etc. :'-0

  6. One time, I ended up venting to an artist I was commissioning just because my mental health is shitty in general, and he tried to offer me a mental health discount, but I declined it. Additionally, I couldn't give him an upfront payment due to PayPal being a nuisance, but he gave me the drawing anyways, and 3 months later, I gave him 1500% of what he had originally charged. (He was severely undercharging; $10 for 2 full-body drawings fully-colored and shaded; so I asked him how long they took and paid him $10/hour instead.)

    It's been about a year since I gave him the payment and he's one of my best friends now as well as my mentor. I've also given him advice on pricing and he now charges $50/drawing with a 50% increase per additional character, which is much more reasonable. Using this pricing system, I paid him $75 for another commission of about the same quality. Additionally, I recently found out that his family is poor and the money from the commissions went towards the family savings. Anyways, watching this video made me realize how easy it was for him to be taken advantage of at the time, so maybe the fact that I paid him fairly despite that factored into us becoming close friends.

  7. Addition Tips:
    1) DO NOT pay "promotion" accounts to repost your work. This is something I recently had to learn the hard way. These accounts are scammers. They take your money and re-posts your content. BUT they also immediately distribute it to other scam/bot accounts. Thus flooding your accounts with attacks. They also take the payment info (your name, email, etc) to attempt signing into all of your accounts, that they can. And if you don't have secured 2-factor authentication activated, then the scammers WILL get in and steal your money.
    I know this because they attempted to enter nearly every account I owned, that used the same email as my PayPal (to which I paid them with). That includes Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Ebay, etc. Forcing me to reset all of those accounts.

    2) Do not ignore spam/bot comments and follows on your social media.
    They greatly distract from your work and often steal said work to repost and grow THEIR influence. Immediately copy the bot/spammer's username, delete their "promote it on…" comment, and then paste their username into the search and block the account (and auto block future accounts they make).

  8. I haven't signed up.
    Not sure if I will.
    Based on your demo, I see at least one issue. What is stopping a client from using the site's html and stealing the "final" design and backing out so they don't have to finish paying you?
    In additiin; what is stopping visitors from just straight up stealing the samples?

  9. Hi!

    Thank you so much for this video, I had never heard of the platform, and the idea of planting trees is awesome!

    I have a bit strange question, though: I'm a digital artist, but I also make sculptures traditionally. Would this type of sale be allowed on the platform?

    For example: I make character keychains and figurines too.
    What do you think? Would that work?

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