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Home » UNFAIR Air Purifier Battle! – IQAIR vs LEVOIT vs DIY – TESTS & REVIEW

UNFAIR Air Purifier Battle! – IQAIR vs LEVOIT vs DIY – TESTS & REVIEW

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0:00 Intro
0:41 Unfair
1:19 About IQAir Healthpro Plus
2:23 About Levoit Core 300
3:13 About DIY Air Purifier
4:14 Airflow Tests
4:58 Box Fog Test
5:25 Noise Tests
6:01 Particle Meter Tests 1 Hour
6:43 Particle Meter Tests Overnight
7:20 VOC test
7:53 Size & Weight
8:16 Cost of Filters

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40 thoughts on “UNFAIR Air Purifier Battle! – IQAIR vs LEVOIT vs DIY – TESTS & REVIEW”

  1. The Air Filters, let's not forget the Vacuums have air filters in them. The Air Filters and the Vacuums are allies, which means they are our enemies. Don't support these Air Filters they funnel all their money into starting the next Vacuum War.

  2. You should have tested the Corsi/Rosenthal box fan filter design! It uses four filters instead of one, often performs way better than HEPA filters!

    In some extensive testing, I think the filterbuy may actually be an inferior filter… One of the brands is misleading

  3. I would love it if you can compare the IQ air vs the levoit core 600.
    I am making this request, because I believe the 600 is a more fair comparison to the IQ. And I want to know if it is a good buy.

  4. great content! hope we will be seeing more air purifier reviews in the future!

    some idea for testing them, rig a tool to suck and blow the smoke from unfiltered cigarettes.

    and for future products, I'm hoping you'd review international brands such as xiaomi, sharp, coway air purifiers. I think coway is the international model equivalent of iqair because you could buy 9 entry level sharp air purifiers for one coway air purifier 😂.

    for diy rig, maybe you could try using those sucking/ventilation fan models that is used in toilets. their impellers are designed similar to the one used in consumer air purifier products.

  5. Not a controlled environment, but much more secientific than many other videos on the box fan filter setup, thanks for the work! Your findings make me curious about the four filter box build.

  6. I feel like the box fan is underrated here. I'm sure there's a way of using an activated carbon filter on it as well, maybe a better fan and setup. It'll very likely need less filter replacement as well given the size of the filter and it's lower air flow. I wonder if you restrict the other side of the fan if it would increase airflow through the filter, since the air won't have as much room to escape

  7. I bought the IQ Air many years ago and the reality is it is not any better than smaller cheaper HEPA filters (like Honeywell) ones you get from Target, Walmart, etc for room air filtration (real filtration of things like dust/pollen, not absurd nonsense like teargas). We have been happier with the much smaller Honeywell we got than the IQ Air (which we just threw out instead of paying hundreds for a new filter). We haven't seen any noticeable difference in dust accumulation on things in the room. I actually found that their charcoal filter added smell to the room, instead of removing it. It is huge and replacing any of the filters cost more than buying a whole other air purifier (or two).

    But this is indeed a silly test If you want anything remotely reasonable for comparing to IQ Air, it would be comparing it to a larger consumer HEPA air purifier.

  8. Awesome Video can't wait to see more air purifier comparisons been checking some but not sure which one to buy in terms of price as well in terms of quality.

    There will be a series of comparisons for air purifiers?

    If yes can't wait to see a comparison with the dyson air purifier

  9. Still can't beat the winix basic costco design. Auto on/off adjusts to stuff in the air (senses your farts) lights shut off automatically at night. Got one in every room. Used to go on sell every year, but I think with the wifi it has gone up. Zaps viruses too. There does seem to be some trouble keeping them in stock right now. I have the old C535

  10. 5:50, hey mate, dB is logarithmic, an increase by 12dB is orders of magnitude more than 17% in terms of absolute power. And not to mention that 70dB continuous is the absolute maximum set by the EPA to prevent hearing damage and mental effects.

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