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US Variety Coins Collection Worth Money Sold At Auction

A recent auction of rare variety coins from the Don Bonser collection had some fantastic variety coins worth money, featuring mostly modern US Coins that you can also look for. Let’s take a look at a few of the highlights.

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18 thoughts on “US Variety Coins Collection Worth Money Sold At Auction”

  1. Heads up. At around the 6 minute mark I misspoke and and said Jefferson Nickel, when obviously it is a Roosevelt Dime. The photo and the on screen text are both right , I made the mistake when I said Nickel instead of Dime. Appreciate everyone who pointed that out to me. Not sure how I missed it during editing. My apologies for the confusion. Mea Culpa. – Numisman

  2. Gracias hombre. Por el regalo. Ya me llego y la verdad creo que me leíste la mente siempre quise encontrar una de estas está genial. Estuve a punto de ganarme una en una subasta y me la ganaron jejeje muchísimas gracias. Siempre seré tu seguidor

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