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Victoria 3: Income and Wealth Tutorial with PartyElite

You’ve learned about goods and trade, but now it’s time to make money! PartyElite shows you how to bring wealth to your population and income into your bank account. Spend wisely!

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23 thoughts on “Victoria 3: Income and Wealth Tutorial with PartyElite”

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  2. you say that the company, owned by capitalists, will try to get as much money as possible ( margin ), but for what actually ? They will buy new buildings with that ? Or just buy goods and needs and that's all ?

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  4. I'm very worried about something Paradox, from where comes the money ? I mean… In Victoria 2 there is a limited amount of money, that grows from gold extraction essentialy.
    In Victoria 3, imagine my farm produces 100 meats for example, but my pop only need 50, so the 50 disappear okay but the 50 others pieces of meat seem disappearing anyway, full price, like if magic money appeared and goes directly into capitalist / company / workers's pockets.
    I hope i'm wrong ?

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