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This ViralCash review will show you if you can really earn $50 per post you do. Or is it too good to be true?
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ViralCash is a platform that claims you can get paid $50 per post on social media. It also claims that you can earn 50 cents if someone clicks your invite link and will earn $50 more if they decide to join.

This ViralCash review and tutorial will give you an inside look and show you what you can really expect.

ViralCash’s earning potential can be attractive at first. But having tested it to see how it actually works, I can tell you that it is a platform to stay away from.

In this video, you will learn the red flags about ViralCash so you know exactly what you are getting into.

To sum it all up, ViralCash is a complete waste of time. Its payment claims are exaggerated and simply unrealistic. Any platform that claims that you can earn that amount of money by just posting on social media is lying to you.

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0:00 – Intro to ViralCash net review
0:31 – What is ViralCash
2:14 – How it works
3:14 – Can you really get paid
4:54 – Final Verdict



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33 thoughts on “ Review – $50 Per Post? (Untold Truth)”

  1. All money apps/sites are fake. Recently due to curiosity I tried playing games in Cashe'm All app and created a PayPal account for the payment. They really paid, it's shown on the account, however, two days after I received an email that i purchased a monthly subscription on a company worth $35. First of all, I'm not living in the US. My big mistake was I linked my debit card to purchase that subscription. So, tried to google possible fraud on PayPal and it really happened to me. They had access to my account even though I changed password many times. Based on the review I've read, once the app is downloaded, the ads that are running on the game are actually running to the system collecting all the data for fraud. It's very scary. I uninstalled all game apps and yet they still login everytime I checked the "manage login" section no matter how many times I removed them. My thought was they bug is already on my phone even though I uninstalled the app. I quickly aborted the monthly subscription so they only took good for 1 month. I reseted my phone but everytime I opened it, an OTP for PayPal was sent to my number without me opening it. So I did the factory data reset so it will all be gone whatever bugs that are running on the system. After the hard reset, I haven't received any OTP for PayPal login anymore. I believe they lose access already. Opened my PayPal using the laptop and I can't see that login details anymore.

    It's pretty scary. Cyberthieves are all over the Internet now. Pls be careful on what to click and download. I learned it the hard way. Money is not easy to earn. We need to work for it. No one will just give free money by playing games.

  2. thank you so much for revealing the truth behind fake websites and apps it saves lot of time for us keep trying your channel is one of the unique true honest channel sir and one more help sir please can you make one videos for content marketing and content writing like top apps and sites that pay real legit amount of money especially for asian countries ….

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