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Watch: TODAY All Day – March 8

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7 thoughts on “Watch: TODAY All Day – March 8”


    I was right. Putin is correct. Europe lied and is re-arming. They'll attempt to conquer Russia. History repeats itself.
    This will be the third time that Europe, has caused a world war.
    This one will be horrific. Ukraine times millions. There will be no life left on the earth. Everyone needs to stop right in their tracks.

    Germany is the culprit. They once again began by pointing weapons of Mass Destruction towards Moscow.

    A new Hitler is about to emerge inside of NATO. His command will be a thousand times more barbaric and horrific than you now see in Ukraine.

    I believe he will be the Anti-Christ.
    As a theologian, I'm certain of it. NATO will become the Army of the Anti-Christ.

    That is the primary reason that I am on Putin's side in his attempts to stop Europe from re-arming!!
    I'm asking that you take the sanctions off of RUSSIA and rethink your philosophies.

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  4. 🇷🇺 : two observations:
    1. every time he says " this is what I want", it shows he has bouts with middle school boy syndrome.
    2. V. Putin demands for peace are lessing
    in scope as of 03/08

  5. Inventing Anna was riveting and fascinating! I couldn’t get enough! I finished and looked for more then realized oh yeah, the story is over! Lol! The acting was superb. The content was fantastic. Bravo to all!

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