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We Stopped Using ClickFunnels…Here's What We're Doing Instead

After using ClickFunnels for years we have completely stopped using it. We also recommend that all of our clients quit using ClickFunnels because it has one fatal flaw that is critical for conversions. In this video I explain what that flaw is and what you can use instead of Clickfunnels to increase your conversions.

0:00 – We Stopped Using ClickFunnels…Here’s What We’re Doing Instead
0:25 – ClickFunnels Pros
1:06 – Page speed load times
2:17 – 3 different tools to replace ClickFunnels
3:40 – Prices
4:21 – Replacing everything with Convertri
5:20 – Options to keep using ClickFunnels
6:21 – Wrap up

WHO AM I 👽🤓✌️

I’m a marketer who I got started working online in 2012 when I was helping a business figure out how to attract new customers with their website. I discovered paid advertising platforms like Google and Facebook Ads and the doors were unlocked. Since then I’ve worked with dozens of companies helping them generate hundreds of thousands of leads and millions of dollars in sales with online marketing campaigns. I also make YouTube videos sometimes.



1 thought on “We Stopped Using ClickFunnels…Here's What We're Doing Instead”

  1. The 3 tools I share in this video cost just about the same price as the entire package of Clickfunnels. Plus you'll get way faster loading pages, a more secure membership site, and more!

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