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Webinar on Sustainable Data-Driven Marketing

Spending more and more on paid advertisement isn’t sustainable. Neither from a financial perspective or a data perspective. What are we planning to do when platforms like Google, Meta, or TikTok would suddenly stop providing any data? If you think about Google’s third-party cookie ban, this concept is not even as distant as first seen.
That’s why the time has come when we as leaders consider new ways of reaching our target audience and escape the dependency trap set by these mammoths.

Take a look at our webinar, where we reveal a path we can step on to fill in the data gaps by ourselves: the path of sustainable digital marketing through mindful use of data.

Besides collecting just as much relevant information on our potential customers as needed, we aim to create value with the data at our disposal without spending more and more.
Because the essence of marketing should always be about building trust and lasting relationships with the customers.

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Attila Tóth
Digital Strategist

As a digital strategist with 14 years of hands-on experience spanning 27 countries and 14 industries, Attila helps his clients succeed by building new paths in the digital world. Pointing to the obsolescence of traditional business models, Attila builds on current trends and the analysis of available data to build successful digital strategies essential for sustainable growth.

Good to know

This webinar is recommended for CMOs, Marketing Strategists and Marketing Specialists.
And for the record: this is not another webinar on Business Intelligence. Data analysts and data centralisation technologies are all over the digital space. Nothing new here. But only a few answer the question of where we are headed in this super crowded, very expensive fast track of digital marketing.

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