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Weird Trick To BOOST Your GAINS

The glasses (affiliate link):

Non-affiliated link to glasses:

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Video comparing glasses:


– Learn why prisoners are so jacked and what you can learn from them

– Learn how you can easily increase calf growth

– Learn what ab exercise you should avoid

Effect on life expectancy:

Effect on mood & mental health:

Enhances workout performance:

Sleep statistics:
(Direct source:)

More muscle mass lost:

Effect on testosterone:

Sleep cycles:

NREM effect on growth hormone and tissue repair:

Increased NREM after exercise:

Blue light + other light effect on melatonin:

Blue light + regular light effect on sleep:

Blue light causes less deep sleep

Blue light-blocking glasses effect on melatonin & sleep:

And also:
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9 thoughts on “Weird Trick To BOOST Your GAINS”

  1. Ooo, creative title and angle on this one. I love it. I've been wearing those less-intense amber-coloured glasses for watching TV before bed for the past three years, combined with dimming the backlight to minimum in the TV settings. I feel like it's helped, although it's always hard to tell. You've got me wanting to try out those intense red ones.

    Great video, man!

  2. Feel like I'm stalking you by now 😂 great content as usual man! Amazing editing 🙂 but after seeing you working out in bed, I stand by a previous comment: perfect for a modelling job 😂

  3. Thanks for another tip homie!
    I was actually researching a bit about sleep schedule and how it affects our body growth, and I should consider that as a co-incidence that you posted a video regarding that

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