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What is Bizgurukul in English ? | Bizgurukul 2022 | #bizgurukul

Hello Guys 😊 ,

I am Non – English Speaker and not Fluent in English Language but tried to Explain in English for Non- Hindi Speakers ,Specially for South Indians .

I Have Tried to Explain the Whole Concept of Bizgurukul in Very Easy Way . Its an Ed-Tech Platform with Full Support Provided and Guidance from Experts in All the Skills Which Are Provided With Bizgurukul so that You can Earn Money Online.

How we Can Earn Money Online through Social Media by Learning Digital Skills or By Doing Affiliate Marketing . If You are a Student, Job Person , Bussinessmen , Housewife etc Any Profession then this Platform Would be Very Useful for U to Generate Money Online through Social Media . You Need Only Smartphone with Decent Internet Facility to do this Work . Freedom of Location with Part-Time Work ( Flexible Timings ) .Bizgurukul have more than 1.5 Lakhs of Members and It is also Government Registered Platform .

Websites as Told on Video :-
Bizgurukul –
MCA Government Website –

You can Ask me Link for Any Packages if U Wanna Enroll ( On Whatsapp Number given Below )


Packages Link If You Wanna Enroll with 30 % Discount :-

Marketing Mastery –
Branding Mastery –
Traffic Mastery –
Influence Mastery –
Finance Mastery –

WhatsApp – (+91) 9516630954
( Whatsapp Message Me to Inquire More About or DM Me After Enrolling for Knowing What to Do Next )

Chapters :-
0:00 – Video Starts
1:20 – Benefits of Courses
2:14 – All Education Bundles
3:04 – Prices of Courses ( 30% Discount with my Coupan Code)
3:45 – Bizgurukul Affiliate Program ( free with Joining )
4:50 – Genuinity of Bizgurukul
6:08 – Benefits of Bizgurukul
7:43 – Joining Link in Description

Connect Me Socially :-

Whatsapp – (+91) 9516630954 ( Direct Message Me)
Instagram –
Facebook –

Thanks for Watching 🙏.

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2 thoughts on “What is Bizgurukul in English ? | Bizgurukul 2022 | #bizgurukul”

  1. __ 6:08 – I forgot to tell you 2 More Benefits of Bizgurukul :-

    1. You will Get Life time Access to All the Courses according to your Package , You can Upgrade your Package Later (When you wish to)
    2. Affiliate Program is Free when you Enroll With Any Package/Course , The More High Package the more Commission you wil get ( All the Affilliate Trainings are free )
    3. Only One time Investment for Any Package .

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