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What is Digital Marketing? | A 5-Minute Overview of What Digital Marketing Consultants Do

Digital marketing is a complex business promotion strategy that requires plenty of time, effort, and expertise to generate revenue. A digital marketer will handle various aspects of your strategy in order to drive the best results possible.

The digital marketing industry constantly changes. Search engines update their algorithms, social media platforms come and go, new businesses enter the competition, and so on. You need to adapt in order to be successful online. If you hire a digital marketer, whether in-house or through an agency, that person will spend time researching best practices and testing your strategy to make sure you’re maximizing your investment.

This video covers digital marketing for beginners. More specifically, you’ll learn what digital marketing is and what good digital marketing consultants do for businesses. While specific strategies differ from business to business, there are some core tasks that every marketer should perform. Chris from the WebFX Strategy team outlines those tasks so you know what to expect when diving into online promotion.

🎥 Video timestamps:
00:00:00 // Introduction
00:00:36 // Explanation of digital marketing
00:02:26 // What consultants do
00:03:34 // Conclusion

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