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Home » What is Digital Marketing? Step By Step Digital Marketing Tutorial. (click CC For Subtitle)

What is Digital Marketing? Step By Step Digital Marketing Tutorial. (click CC For Subtitle)

Learn Complete Digital Marketing Online with it’s types in the most simple way with live examples. Specially Designed for Beginners.


34 thoughts on “What is Digital Marketing? Step By Step Digital Marketing Tutorial. (click CC For Subtitle)”

  1. The video was informative. The speaker was speaking slowly and was able to explain the concepts well. As a digital marketing consultant myself, I found it very useful. I must add that the style of speaking is very engaging. Please keep it up. Dampeners were the ads in between.

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    16.) Lead Magnets Part 2
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    19.) Facebook Business Manager Account
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    22.) Advanced Audience Targeting
    23.) Ads Post (Dark Post)
    24.) Ads Post (Dark Post) Part 2
    25.) Facebook Pixel
    26.) First Facebook Ads
    27.) Facebook Sales Funnel
    28.) FB Ads Modification and Upscale
    29.) FB Ads Optimization
    30.) FB Organic Reach Optimization
    31.) Transition To Conversion Campaign
    32.) Transition To Conversion Campaign Part 2
    33.) Creating A Custom Campaign
    34.) Messenger Bot Marketing Intro
    35.) Messenger Marketing Part 1
    36.) Messenger Marketing Part 2
    37.) Messenger Marketing Part 3
    38.) FB Ads and Messenger Bot
    39.) SEO Intro
    40.) SEO Metrics Overview
    41.) Google Search Console
    42.) Safety Measure – Full Website Backup
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    45.) Above The Fold Content Optimization
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    47.) Competitor Keywords
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    51.) Sales Optimization
    52.) Conclusion

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  4. There's a difference between sales and marketing. They are not the same and should not be compared. At least the way you compare them in your tutorial. Thanks for producing this tutorial.

  5. I don't mean to be offensive but could you at least open your mouth and speak clearly 'cause I really can't understand what you're saying. it's hard to read your lecture while looking at the subtitles ;-;

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