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What is Digital Transformation?
This is a rapid overview of what Digital Transformation is, the major mistakes businesses are making when approaching Digital Transformation and how they fix those mistakes.

It provides a guide on where to get academically and peer reviewed frameworks and where to start with any Digital Transformation project.


41 thoughts on “What is Digital Transformation?”

  1. Excellent presentation emphasizing the changes in organizaional change not confined to changes in the administration and operation. My question is organisation transcending time-space coordinsyes is it possible? What is the legal implication?
    Will not throw LEI system out of existence?

  2. Why is everyone saying this is the best explanation of digital transformation they've heard? Admittedly, it was a little insightful but good explanations generally use examples- he didn't. He told you what it wasn't (at the start of the video), went on to talk a little about disruptive technologies vis-à-vis companies merely digitizing some of their services before going on the main reason behind this video – plugging his organisation. Not very good.

  3. Not sold. A bunch of jargon, no tangible facts or information stating what DT actually is. Marketers and leaders? How would you isolate to such a small portion of an organization.

  4. Andreas Kaplan + Michael Haenlein: Digital transformation is “the integration of digital technology into all areas of society, and the changes that result from this integration”, Digital transformation and disruption: On big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other things, Business Horizons Journal.

  5. Good insight on Digital Transformation. In my view LEAN should precede any digital transformation. Business cannot have Cart before the Horse. As a Lean Six Sigma Practitioner i strongly feel process improvement should precede any technological advancement

  6. AWESOME! Video! Really great info.

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  8. I be a farmer and I want to transform everything to Digital… Yup !! I wanna sell digital milk from online cows, and digitally farm 2000 acres of arable from.planting digital seed wheat all the way through to having a digital combine to harvest it with … Now then where do we start !!?

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