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Home » What's Harder – NAVY SEAL or SPECIAL FORCES training

What's Harder – NAVY SEAL or SPECIAL FORCES training

Let’s take a look at What’s Harder – Navy SEAL Basic Underwater Demolition (BUDs) training or the Army Special Forces Qualification Course. We will explain the differences between these two training pipelines using the following distinct criteria:
Duration & Phases
Entry Requirements
Graduation Rates
Food, Sleep & Suck Factor
Mission Sets


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NATO Channel
SPC Julie Driver, 55th Signal Company Combat Camera
SFC Adam Fischman, Nat. Guard Bureau
00:00 Introduction
00:55 Charity Event
01:16 Duration & Phases
04:02 Entry Requirements
04:45 Fitness Requirements
07:13 Special Operations Fitness
07:32 Special Operations Fitness – Hell Week
08:02 Graduation Rates
08:47 Food, Sleep & Suck Factor
10:33 Special Operations Mindset
10:57 Fit – Where Would You Fit In
11:36 Mission Sets
12:38 Survey Question


37 thoughts on “What's Harder – NAVY SEAL or SPECIAL FORCES training”

  1. Navy seal, If I was a US citizen, but since I am Canadian I am planning to join my country's SF. Ever since I found this channel it has given me so much insight about the world of SF and even in aspects of life itself. Thank you for videos and cheers from your fellow brothers in arms of the north!

  2. Love your videos and I prefer SF due to the big range of missions and skills. The Seals are better direct contact fighters. Also obviously better in the Water and I also am a good swimmer but not great by any means to be in that arena.

  3. If I had to choose between the two, that would be tricky. On the one hand, I've always been a big fan of swimming and the water — the ocean doesn't scare me like it does some people. The diving part of SEAL training would be something that interests me rather than scare.

    On the other hand, I like working towards long-term solutions. With that in mind, the idea of learning a foreign language (I'm already bilingual) and helping a foreign culture learn to properly defend themselves would be something I'd be interested in.

    The reality, though? I'm nowhere physically fit enough to join either of these two units. BUT I watch the channel because I love the advice given, and the mindset of seeking to be your best.

    In all things, seek excellence.

  4. Thank you Mr. Larson for correcting me regarding SF representing "only" the Army Special Forces. I'll be sure to be mindful of that in any future comments I make, including conversations I have with former Army retirees I served with in Vietnam who were members of Special Forces. I'm certain they will appreciate the distinction.

  5. The word Harder; tossed around like pancakes. The only person who can quantify difficulty is: Find one who has done both schools. Otherwise, concrete experience differs individualy. Out.🇬🇧🇺🇲

  6. I would definitely want to be a Green Beret. Yes, the younger me loved the SEALS. Shit, I even went to the Museum in Ft. Pierce(Was my birthday gift, I encourage everyone to check it out. Very awesome time) I got all the books as well. However, when it comes down to preventing new conflicts you want the GB. SEALS(at least the perception) would rather go in, "resolve" the problem and get back home. They would not want to do UW or FID. The GBs want to go and make a difference. Because if they do what they need to do, then that means further down the line, we(the U.S.) don't get caught up in some foreign fuckery that can potentially blow up even worse. Just my two cents.
    By the way, I'm a Marine(0351)

  7. I love and respect u guys. But fighting for these bankers n doing their wil,I don’t know about that. Our cia created Al queda and isis n friends. And u guys go n fight them. That’s kinda fvcked up. To do to someone. Our enemies are right in this country !!

  8. I don't know personally I can't imagine going through hard ass training, and dying in a country that isn't mine to protect people that aren't my people, funded by a government that hates me, and probably funds the proxy wars that I'm fighting in.

  9. Try a recon assist and a cia transporter deliver kill and drive no bull shit I mean no BS everything is ur target in the us they send them into us to spy whatever the spy does is not illegal even if not ordered to dead or alive silent or loud as long as u do ur job kill civilians people if needed if things get in ur way no police can stop u

    Ur a target beyond many rich people ur job is to transport on vehicle or foot it's a federal job

    A marine recon is NO JOKE no one's a bitch 100 yards or lower ur Target is at that range nothing above ur basically going enemies lines breathing enemy bad breath bayonet is ur option

  10. What I want to DO: primarily hydrographic/amphibious recon, long range recon, maritime interdiction/maritime counter terrorism/vbss. Would it be best to go SEALs or Marine Recon/Raiders?

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