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Home » WHU Inside Business | Carsten Kratz – Digitalization and Innovation in Germany

WHU Inside Business | Carsten Kratz – Digitalization and Innovation in Germany

Today at WHU Inside Business: Carsten Kratz, Senior Partner and Managing Director Germany & Austria at The Boston Consulting Group, on Big Data in Germany and the role of advanced analytics for the success of companies; Interviewed by Prof. Dr. Christian Schlereth, Chairholder of the Digital Marketing Chair at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management.


Interview overview:

► 0:23 Talking about Big Data: When is data actually considered as big and what is possible today that was unthinkable a decade ago?

► 1:43 Does that mean, algorithms will eventually replace managers in decision-making?

► 2:50 Companies such as Google, Amazon or Facebook successfully demonstrated the use of Advanced Analytics for their companies’ success. Can you describe, what Advanced Analytics is and how German companies can also capitalize from their data knowledge?

► 3:54 What about the role of owning the data? German companies are well known for their expertise in vertical integration, meaning that they are especially strong at being well-connected and efficient within the supply chain, but not necessarily too close to the customer.

Recorded: 9th of March 2017

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