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Home » WHU Inside Business | Ferry Heilemann – Digitalization of the Supply Chain

WHU Inside Business | Ferry Heilemann – Digitalization of the Supply Chain

In this episode of WHU Inside Business Ferry Heilemann, CEO of FreightHub talks about how FreightHub works and what makes the firm special. Furthermore he addresses problems that the business is facing and the future of supply chain.

Recorded: 16th of March 2017.

Interview overview:

► 0:24 Can you give us some insides about how does your business model differ from others?

► 1:20 Why do you think is it that no one else adopted such digital technologies?

► 4:08 Why is information relatively new for FreightHub?

► 5:56 How do some of the players that rely on intransparency react on someone new coming in that creates transparency?

► 6:50 Are there hurdles to overcome when older companies work together with start-ups?

► 8:25 How do customers trust in your company since it is only one year old?

► 10:00 Do you foresee moving into other areas along the supply chain?

► 10:52 Where do you see the future of logistics?

The interview is hosted by Professor Dr. Stefan Spinler, Chairholder of the Kühne Institute for Logistics Management at the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management.

WHU Inside Business provides new insights directly from executives and managers in the areas of Digitalization, Supply-Chain-Management and Finance.



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Jöran Tobias Heikaus

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Jon Gonder

Jon Gonder
Jöran Tobias Heikaus
Simon Heesen

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Alina Damm
Jöran Tobias Heikaus

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Julia Seeger
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Christopher Hoegner
Celina Quirmbach

Channel Management “Supply Chain Management”
David Meyer
Nadine Hennlich


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