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Why Affiliate Marketing Could Be the Growth Tactic You’ve Been Missing (Episode 105)

Dominick Keenan is the VP of Sales at ClickBank, where he focuses on supporting ClickBank’s current vendors and affiliates as well as growing ClickBank’s business.

Dominick has had several roles within the ClickBank sales organization including affiliate manager and business development before taking the role of VP of Sales.

Prior to joining #ClickBank, Dominick worked in business aviation and commercial lending. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Management from Rocky Mountain College and an MBA from the University of Montana.

What you will learn
– How an ambassador and influencer are different
– Why you shouldn’t base your digital brand on just one platform
– Why you should care as a marketer about Apple’s IOS 14.5 update
– Why should you be doing affiliate marketing
– Why margin is important if you want to sell your product with #affiliatemarketing
– A book worth reading – Alchemy by Rory Sutherland
– The importance of relationships for entrepreneurs
– Which channels you should be using for selling #affiliate products



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