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Why is it always necessary to copy Apple?? – NNS #12

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This is the 12th episode of NoNameSeries. The first story is about how android manufacturers always copy Apple and then criticise it for not making any innovation, which I believe is a little hypocritical. The following story is about VPN service providers leaving India as the Indian government forces them to record your data, which a VPN is not supposed to do. Next, Youtube is nowadays forcing people a lot of ads, which makes people buy its premium. But now this situation is going out of hand. Next, Meta is always ready to fight Apple and this time, it tried to breach Apple’s app tracking transparency feature, which they did. The following and last stories are about some quick updates on Pixel 7 and 7 Pro and how Tata group is trying to take iPhone manufacturing into their space, they are talking with Wistron to do so. So, we’ll talk about all these stories. Enjoy!!

0:00 Intro
0:35 Copying Apple is necessary
2:26 VPN’S are exiting India
5:06 Meta cheated Apple’s App tracking transparency
6:34 Youtube and its premium
8:23 Pixel 7 and 7 pro
9:15 Tata is interested in making iPhones
9:50 Outro

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34 thoughts on “Why is it always necessary to copy Apple?? – NNS #12”

  1. Apple ka mazak udana to banta hai bhai kyun ki itni badi manufacturing force lekar apple ne dynamic island banaya jo ki ek akele android developer ne free me bana dala, bhai mazaak kyu na udae koi apple ka as a reputed company yeh shobha nahi deta apple ko.

  2. What I don’t understand is how misinformed and casual people are when mentioning security and cyber security. Law enforcements need to have the data to backtrack the crimes happening in cyber space. If you do not have the digital footprints of a criminal, good luck finding the source of the crime. There is difference between user’s privacy and user’s security. VPN gives their users privacy at the cost of user’s security while law enforcement agencies ensures user’s security in excange of privacy.

  3. Literally sab ke sab companies ko bs business se mtlb hai. Customer ke bare me koi nhi sochega. Iss video me sare bade companies ki monopoly dikhi from Samsung, Apple, Facebook, Google(Youtube)

  4. Realme Pad was launched grandly saying your first tablet with good features and best price.. I was happy to purchase one but it's sad that you guys not able to provide Android 12 at least one major OS update after the release.. After sales service for realme Pad is very very poor and you guys are very much interested in releasing new products rather than giving service to existing customers… Current realme Pad UI is very pathetic and missing so much tablet features.. Already realme Pad X running UI 3.0 why can't you guys customize it for Pad as well..

    Previous told that by Q3 2022 A12 update will be available… It's almost end of Q3 and there is no update till now.. can some one from support shed some light on this… If you guys not able to provide updates either stop selling the products or clearly mention in the product page that you won't provide any major updates so customers can take their call and will not have any expectations on you guys..

  5. So Apple implementing widgets in ios was not inspired from Android but was copied from Android nice.know the difference between inspired and straight copied. Apple also took many notes from android and implemented those ideas in their ios buy it was not copied. It was inspired

  6. bhaiya mujhe ek laptop lena tha

    to maine 2 laptop select kiye sb dekhe kai baad

    mi notebook pro aur samsung book2 aapki videos dekh kr

    lekin bs yai nhi smjh aa rha ki 11 gen 11300H mi lu yaa 12 gen 1235U dono mai konsa sahi rhega plss help

  7. Apple does not do anything revolutionary it simply does things to maximize profit like remove the headphone jack but its stupid fanboy audience doesn't care and still buys. The other companies sees this and they also do it as they want profits.not because apple is very technologically advanced but because its audience will accept whatever it does.

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