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Why more Americans are leaving full-time jobs for freelance work

A growing number of Americans are trading in full-time jobs for contract work. Kathryn Dill, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal who wrote about the subject, joins “CBS News Mornings” with more on the rise of contract work and consulting.

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10 thoughts on “Why more Americans are leaving full-time jobs for freelance work”

  1. Keeping a full-time job is expensive if you're required to go to the office. As a result of the pandemic many people looked at how much net money they were making and realized it didn't make sense.

  2. I have been a contractor in tech for about 15 years. Most contracts have been 1 – 2 years, which is enough stability for me. Since I work for big corporations, that are merging and re-orging all the time anyway, I have not seen that full-time employees have more stability than contractors. Sometimes companies will get rid of full timers before contractors in a merger. Usually my work is on W-2 through a contracting firm who basically just pays my check, and they usually offer health insurance, although it’s sometimes not great. If you’re well liked at a company they will often offer you full time at the end of a contract period but I always hope that they won’t because then you have to take a 30% pay cut. One thing that would make this type of work more viable is some kind of nationalized healthcare, because it seems unreasonable that you should have to be married to someone else in order to have good healthcare.

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