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Why Ratan tata is not the richest person

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Nearest Metro Station Samaypur Badli Or Rithala We all know about Tata. Tata is running so many businesses, approx 96, over the country.

Ratan Tata was the former chairman of Tata Sons. He was the chairman of Tata Group.

Tata’s revenue is around 4.5 lakh crores. But when we question that Who is the Richest man, answer is Mukesh Ambani. Why?

Tata has so many products,starting from soap,salt,cars any the list is endless. But nobody knows about business of Mukesh Ambani. But why is he still the richest man?

The answer is, Tata donates 60% of its shares to NGOs. If Ratan Tata stops doing that then nobody can stop him from being world’s richest man.

Watch his video to learn more.

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41 thoughts on “Why Ratan tata is not the richest person”

  1. Thanx frnd..mughe aadi knowledge thi ratan tata sir ke baare me..lekin aapne hame puri knowledge dedi..thank..or ratan tata sir ko..APJ Abdul kalaam jitna pyaar..ratan tata sir to hidden super hero nikle…proud moment..

  2. You didn't answer the very question that you asked. The answer is that ratan tata owns less than 1% (0.8% – 0.9%) of the Tata parent company called Tata Sons. Tata Sons is a 100 billion dollar company. 0.9% of that is 900 million or 0.9 billion dollars. So Ratan's effective wealth is 0.9 bn dollar. On the other hand, Mukesh Ambani owns around 46% of reliance industries. Reliance is a 90 bn dollar company and 46% of that is 42 bn dollar which is the wealth of mukesh ambani. somebody may ask why mukesh has such large stake in reliance but ratan in tata doesnt? the answer is reliance was founded by mukesh's father dhirubhai whose entire ownership was transferred top mukesh. on the other hand, the ownership structure of tata was made much long ago.. somewhere during 1870s – 1930, when ratan tata was not around. there are other shareholders of Tata Sons which includes many Tata Trusts that are not personal property of Ratan. Ratan would have been given this 0.9% ownership by Tata Sons Board (directors) after he became its chairman in 1990s

  3. Dude… You have got it all wrong…Tata is owned by a series of trusts under 'Tata Sons' with a 66% share. Ratan Tata has 0.83%. So, no one owns Tata. The Tata sons is the holding company which consists of several trusts that work for welfare. Ratan Tata was the Chairman of Tata Group, trying to fulfill the ultimate mission of Tata. While Mukesh Ambani holds 46.32% of Reliance and trying to earn money for himself and Reliance's investors. Nothing wrong in that too.

  4. Dear Team, your Video's are Good and having lots of knowledge. But during this video I get upset as you have taking name of Mr. Ratan Tata with out any respect. As you know what kind of CSR and other social activities done by TATA group during many Daceds. I think when we make video's on such great personelity and using them as a case study we need to maintain some respect also. Like Mr. Ratan Tata is not a simple person like you and me. He's a face of a group who work for our country development from a long period of time. Hope you undersatnd. Just want to tell don't use such lines like Ratan Tata sabse amir aadmi kyu nahi hai… He's not a simple person he's our inspiration. Like always in your videos I saw you always use Modi JI instead of Modi.. Hope you get my point and sry if you don't get agree with me..

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