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Home » Will my DREAM keyboard kill the Elgato Stream Deck?

Will my DREAM keyboard kill the Elgato Stream Deck?

Mountain has just released the MacroPad and DisplayPad – new competitors to Elgato’s Stream Deck. Competing against the Stream Deck is a tall order, can the keyboard company keep up with Elgato?
Disclosure; I consulted with Mountain on these products before launch. This video is not sponsored and Mountain is not seeing it before posting.

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Relegendable keycaps – & (Amazon affiliate link)

Referenced ShortCircuit Monogram video –

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36 thoughts on “Will my DREAM keyboard kill the Elgato Stream Deck?”

  1. Certainly a competitive option when comparing to the Streamdeck Mini too. I like the keyboard mounting system idea. Reminds me of an idea I've had for a while but have still not executed on. Maybe one day I'll get the motivation. Thanks for the video!

  2. Corne programmable keyboards with many layers and no need for screens, split, ortholinear, tiny, ergo, are the next level. Huge legacy non-ortholinear, non split, only barely programmable keyboards like this are YUGE and inferior. Make the actual keyboard your macro pad. You don't need 100+ keys, you need 36.

  3. If you're having finger issues, get a Corne. Ortholinear, split, ergo, tentable – way better for your fingers they move way less, get chock switches. 10x more comfortable than any legacy 1898 QWERTY typewriter keyboard.

  4. Gotta say, I'm no expert on how you achieve the look in your more recent videos, whether in post or through some lens filter. But that dreamy/bloomy haze does not look good in the slightest
    Love the content as usual though

  5. Having some competition in this sector is definitely going to be good for the consumer, stream deck is great and I love mine, but it's still a little exp for what it is and the ancient screen tech/res behind the buttons.

  6. I would just love to see a wireless version of a stream deck competitor!

    Actually a wireless version of the everest max would also be amazing but that is probably too much to ask

  7. Iโ€™m ashamed for leaving a comment & not watching yetโ€ฆ just to ask if itโ€™s Mac compatible ๐Ÿ˜ข So โ€ฆDid mountain add the โ€˜Macโ€™ to the Macro or โ€˜Macroโ€™ to the Mac ? ๐Ÿ˜…

  8. I have a really hard time accepting the power issue with the DisplayPads. You already pay a hefty price for a modular keyboard based on usb-c connections, and then it is only used as a mechanical docking system.
    A tiny color OLED of those sizes would require around 100mW per key. With USB 3 ports, you are guaranteed 4500mW and every PC has that. It's plenty of power for two dozen display keys, the LED drivers and a microcontroller.

  9. my dream prouct would have a cell phone battery in it an a low latency 2.4ghz wireless receiver. Have twice the number of keys (=24). Be the at a similar sort of price (and work on linux). Now that might sound oulandish but these are all already proven technologies in other types of products. Battery life might be a concern except you know… we can easily live with that and also have a USB wired mode. I don't see how any of this is too oulandish all except the price perhaps… i would pay $150 is ok. So long as it was an actually decently executed product and had been built right.

  10. I think the biggest selling point is not the hardware of the Stream deck but the nice rollout of software support. That is why a lot of people didn't like the LoupeDeck. The software was not as easy as Stream Deck

  11. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but this video cones across a bit washed out on my phone. Good review, I don't understand why companies rhinohink typing focused switches are for "gamers". It's not like editors don't need to type a lot of the time as well.

  12. A simple thing, which I think would be a nice Addon, are Keycap options. Like being able to choose wether you want re-labelable keycaps, M1-M12 or, what I personally want as an option, F13-F24.
    It also seems to me like keycaps could be pretty easy accessories to sell.

  13. Having it not be connected like the default media key pad is a big downside. But still cool to have it mounted on the keyboard. I have the Mountain Everest and I'm very happy. I can move it around with the keypad on, but it would be better if it was a more sturdy mount.

  14. I've always been interested in the Mountain keyboards and these products just increased my interest! If they had released these sooner, I'd have probably bought them instead of my Stream deck!

  15. I've had the everest max for over a year and I only have small complaints about it. overall a really good board and love that they are adding new modules. The RGB could be better and brighter and as mentioned, the original screen keys on the numpad could have been more clicky. The major downside I see is that these don't use the usbc mount ports built into the existing board. Maybe if they used a twin ended usb a to a higher power usb c on the cable, that could help alleviate the power draw issues but they would still need to upgrade the internals of the board itself. Still have high hopes for the future of the ecosystem and look forward to a V2 (that hopefully will be compatible with the current slew of modules).

  16. 10:00 Yes! I have been planning to get an XL to have plenty of room to put some of the same keys on each layer, to create my own "sticky" keys, but having the tool do it itself would be far superior. I do wonder whether that would have a higher risk of burn-in, and if they should be moved around to different spots on different layers ๐Ÿค”

  17. I was excited, only to find the price is just too much, per key the price is the same, but I just (at this moment) can't see it beating a company whose whole point is to design "Streamware" in terms of integration, innovation and software.

  18. Hey EposVox talking about modular things, have you ever tried the Monogram creative console? Is like a modular items that have sliders, faders and those things, is focused on editing tho but i'm curious about them, also they are not very affordable haha

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