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Will Seattle Housing Market Crash During Crisis?

Will Seattle Housing Market Crash During Crisis?

What would happen to the Seattle Area real estate market if America enters another war? What would happen if we fall into a recession? How do major CRISIS effect the real estate market? If you are curious about how housing performs in uncertain times, stay tuned because THAT is what we are going to be talking about in this video!

00:00 What would happen to the Seattle Area real estate market if America enters another war?
00:21 Turn on the news and you’ll hear matters contributing to uncertain times.
00:45 Let’s take a look back at history for guidance.
00:52 Covid-19 Crisis.
01:24 Great Recession from 2007-2009.
01:57 Myth? Housing prices always go down during times of recession, right?
02:59 What effect does war have on the real estate market?
04:06 What does all this mean for the current market conditions?
04:10 #1 The real estate market is fluid and constantly changing.
04:46 #2 A housing crisis and bubble is possible, although unlikely.
05:29 #3 Jobs and the economy effect the housing market. And the housing market effects jobs and the economy.
06:10 #4 There are many variables in this fast paced, uncertain world.

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2 thoughts on “Will Seattle Housing Market Crash During Crisis?”

  1. What a joke it's a beautiful picture of you two making faces. Part of your attempts to me if he ate people out of fear to buy homes now after the housing market has already crashed. Something that won't be announced some mainstream media for at least a few months. I am a real estate investor I at homes in five different states I have five different agents two of those agents are Real Estate Investors they have sold all their properties and so of i as of last Thursday. It was not easy I did not get the prices I wanted. Now I know that I will not be ruined financially for the rest of my life if you do not do the same thing this is going to happen to you. Keep up the ugly faces, on your post that are only the beginning of your manipulation that will ruin people's Financial everything for the rest of their lives. A big joke right I know you're laughing about it. You should be ashamed of yourselves

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