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Please do NOT lie about your resume or job experience. These videos are for informational guides only and you should do your own research.
🚨I will not be posting direct links due to the high volume of viewers that could possibly crash the job site if everyone goes to it at the same time. You have GOOGLE, please use it 💕💕



  1. Hey jazzy I wanted say thank you so much for your content !! I been watching your videos a min now, and let me just say I apply all of theses jobs and the only one who contact me was Allstate i did two interviews & got offended the job as “ express claim customer support” 🎉 the very next day I start in March !! Thank youuuu so much ! I needed this🫶🏼

  2. hello, i was wondering if you have any leads on part time evening jobs or weekend only, but the training is evening time. I have had several call backs but all the training is in the daytime, when i work my other job. please help and share.

  3. Thank you for being such huge guide I’m freshly graduate, I’ve been over my head with a huge insecurity to put my self into the workforce. As an International student with little to none experience working in the US it’s quite challenging. Now that I’m legally able to work in the US.

  4. Hey I recently graduated from school and need a online job I’m tired of being home with nothing to do
    Can u plzz Help me with a online job and I’m living in the Caribbean plzz I need some help

  5. Hi Jazzy, I've been taking classes and gathering up certifications in computer science (mobile app, networking, fewd etc) from my city college for the past 3 years. Before that I have worked temp admin positions but the majority of my work experience has been as a Dancer in clubs in Atlanta; Need I say more? I danced for about 14 years. I am also a veteran. How do I pull this together in a comprehensive resume. I have not worked in 4 years. Thanks.

  6. Please can we have jobs for other çountry apart from US like Nigeria
    Because most jobs that carry Remote US, would ask for authorisation to work in the US and of course my answer is usually No Because I do not have Please how can you help?

  7. Hello hun I’m looking for something part time for when I get off at 4:30 pm. Looking to make $17-$20 a hour, I have 20plus years of customer service and more. Looking for no phones email chat /chat support that’s what I’m doing now and would like to stay in that field preferably. Need equipment provided job can you help

  8. Jazzy, I need your help plz. I purchased your Ultimate Resume Kit Subscription a little over a month ago because your videos' really spoke to me. I really want to transition from my current labor job to a wfh job. I have probably applied over 70 jobs so far. I haven't even gotten an interview so I must be doing something wrong I even made an LinkedIn account even thou I am a little lost on that, plz help

  9. Hey, I just turned 18 and have had 3+ years of experience with costumer service jobs, I have applied everywhere, (liberty mutual, at&t, UHG, Amazon, Apple, CVS) but have had no luck. any tips or feedback as to why this is happening to me? (I graduated in 2022, and am enrolled in college) Am I too young to be hired right now? Really stressed out 😕.

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