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WORST Places to Visit in Dubai!

According to websites like Insider, Culturetrip, and, and opinions from Tripadvisor users and Redditors, Here are The Worst Places To Visit In Dubai.

1. Dubai Garden Glow in Zabeel Park.
Dubai Garden Glow is sold as “The largest glow in the dark garden made of millions of energy-saving LED’s and 120 Animatronic Dinosaurs”.
What you actually get for the $30 entrance fee is a cheap and tacky park full of poorly maintained plastic dinosaurs, no music, no show, and pushy food vendors selling expensive shawarma and tornado potatoes at $12 each! 12 dollars! For one potato!

2. Burj Khalifa Observation Decks.
This attraction is just too pricey for what it offers, the views aren’t tremendously spectacular, and at 555m up, the 148th-floor observation deck is still well over 100 meters below of the top of the building
If you want to see all the observation decks on the 124th, 125th, and 148th floors, it’s going to cost you over $56 per person and you’ll probably spend at least an hour queueing to get up there and another 30 minutes queueing to get back down.
You could avoid these queues by getting a “Skip the Line” ticket, but that will cost you over $130 per person!

3. Desert Safari Packages.
In Dubai, there are a wide variety of desert tour providers, and some are really good, but beware! if you plan on going on a desert tour make sure you research the provider well beforehand, some companies will offer all the activities like Dune bashing, quad rides, sand boarding, Arabic coffee and dates, henna, and an unlimited Arabic buffet, but then only deliver long commutes to a desert camp, a small meal box and a short fire show with a belly dancer.

4. Dubai Mall.
Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in Dubai and a “Must see” for every tourist, but this, unfortunately, makes it an incredibly busy place. Even though it is bigger than other malls in Dubai it has the same types of shops and offers a similar type of experience.
If you want to shop but also want to avoid the tourist crush, you are better off visiting smaller malls like Emirates Mall or Wafi Mall.

5. Jumeirah Public Beach.
When visiting Jumeirah beach you expect a beautiful white sand beach, clean water, and the Burj Al Arab in the background.
What you get is a cigarette butt-littered sand pit with limited and expensive facilities, dirty water with plastic floating in it, nasty smells, and views of numerous construction sites and for some reason, hundreds of fully clothed Indian Men.

6. Palm Jumeirah.
Unless you’re planning on going to the water park or the Atlantis hotel, Palm Jumeirah isn’t really worth visiting, sure, its shape and the way it was built are pretty impressive but you can only really appreciate them fully from above. At ground level, it just looks like a bunch of houses grouped together.

7. Deira and Sonapur.
In Dubai, as is with most cities, there is a balance, the richer some areas are, the poorer other areas become, but in Dubai, the richer areas are right at the top of the scale, tremendously extravagant and ultra-modern and this means that the poorer areas are right down at the bottom of the scale, dirty and overcrowded shack-filled slums.
While it may be nice to visit areas like the Deira district during the day for a more authentic experience and its many souks, it is best not to stay there or to visit after dark, and places like Sonapur it is best to avoid altogether!

Which Was The Worst Place You Visited In Dubai?

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  1. Belly Dancers in Dubai 🤦🏾‍♂️
    I generally like poor side or more normal side of countries I don’t like touristy cities which is fake image of the real country

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