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Young Money – Bed Rock (Official Music Video)

Young Money’s official video for ‘Bed Rock’ from their debut collaboration album, We Are Young Money.

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Music video by Young Money performing Bed Rock. (C) 2009 Cash Money Records Inc.
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47 thoughts on “Young Money – Bed Rock (Official Music Video)”

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  2. I married my wife in 2009, this song was our wedding song. I got "I knock her lights out, and she still shine" tattoo'd on my back. And she got "he say i'm bad, he probably right" tattoo'd in her back.

  3. Caraca, época boa dos DVD pirata de Hip Hop kk'. Não sei o porquê, mas essa música me remete a lembranças das redes sociais da época sei lá.. MSN, Orkut… Passava horas fazendo dvd's de Hip Hop. Internet discada, lenta pra caramba kk'. Bons tempos

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